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By InfinityQS Blog | September 8, 2011
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Food Processing magazine recently released its annual "top 100" list of food manufacturers. The good news is that the food industry is steadily growing, with 19 of the top 25 seeing an increase in sales in 2010, and 18 of them also improving profitability. 

Pepsico climbed to the number one spot, with Nestle and Kraft Foods taking slots 2 and 3-- all of whom are InfinityQS customers. With food safety taking the limelight as the most pressing challenge facing food manufacturers, profitability must also be sustained and ideally increased.

One of the most fundamental opportunities for food companies to cut costs is to reduce the amount of overfilling or giveaway. Real-time SPC software provides tight control over filling processes, alerting key personnel if overfilling becomes a risk. For example, think about all those ketchup and mustard packages given away at fast food restaurants and cafeterias. Even the slightest amount of overfilling can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of giveaway.

But they can't skimp either! The Net Content Control feature in ProFicient supports both MAV and T1/T2 requirements and related Net Content Control reporting to support the needs of global manufacturers.

One of our most rapidly growing customers in the food industry is Shearer's Foods. Shearer's, a manufacturer or snack chips, recently opened a new plant in Massillon. OH. According to a recent article in Packaging World, "Shearer’s growth has been fueled not only by the popularity of its own-brand products sold throughout Ohio and surrounding states, but also by contract manufacturing and by a private-label business that includes some of the nation’s largest retailers." 

At the new Massillon plant, Shearer's is using ProFicient SPC software to manage giveaway. Additionally, they are using the Dynamic Scheduler to provide operators with a shop-floor checklist for quality checks. "Large windows and a user-friendly graphical interface automatically remind operators when quality data is needed," describes Packaging World's editor-in-cheif Pat Reynolds. "An easy-to-read schedule shows the operators a time-ordered list of the day’s required checks. Each check is accompanied by a countdown clock; the operator always knows how much time remains until the next check is due. Dynamic Scheduler takes the guesswork out of monitoring quality checks and automatically notifies key personnel by email if data collection is not performed." We couldn't have said it better ourselves! 

With its rapid growth and cohesive strategies for quality and safety assurance, we might soon see Shearer's making its way to the top of Food Processing's "Top 100." In the meantime, InfinityQS will continue to support the growing needs of our food customers-- whether they are established industry giants, or smaller, specialized companies.

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