ProFicient 5: The Next Innovation in Manufacturing Intelligence

Mike Lyle
By Mike Lyle | September 24, 2012
President and CEO

Over the years, InfinityQS has been fortunate enough to partner with the world’s most successful manufacturers, from multi-national giants to precision-oriented companies that dominate their markets by doing things right. The common thread between all these great companies is the relentless drive for improvement. They take ownership of quality. Manufacturing Intelligence lets these companies know exactly who they are so they can set achievable goals that get them where they want to be.

ProFicient 5 is a continuation in the process. To be actionable, data must be accessible and we’ve taken steps to improve the way operators, engineers and executives see the data they need to execute their roles effectively.

New product editions make it easy for organizations to understand their quality needs. It’s not one size fits all, we equip larger enterprises with resources to pull data from other systems and connect globally while smaller shops can quickly get set up with a basic package that gives them a chance to start improving right away. The decision making is easy.

Many companies are going mobile so we’ve developed dashboards and reports that offer a global view of summary data via smartphone, taking decision-making outside of the confines of your desk and the four walls of your facilities. With all these systems, the IT footprint is minimal.

From recall prevention to improving customer satisfaction, take a closer look at how top manufacturers across every vertical use ProFicient to tie quality to the source and ensure the integrity of their brands.

I invite you to explore our offerings and see for yourself how ProFicient provides insight that improves daily effectiveness and long-term decision making. When you are ready, contact us so our global quality experts can evaluate your situation and show you how Manufacturing Intelligence can empower your organization to focus on improvement.


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