SPC Software: The Missing Ingredient in the Meat Industry

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By InfinityQS Blog | September 18, 2013
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Meat quality reform remains one of the most pressing issues currently facing the food industry. Due to the multitude of factors surrounding both animal treatment and food quality, and the high propensity for products to cause illness, lawmakers are currently seeking ways to increase visibility as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Right now, the meat industry remains mired in a waiting game as the FDA prepares to establish new deadlines for the implementation of regulation under the Food Safety Modernization Act. As more regulation appears to be coming placing tighter restrictions on meat products that are bought and sold in the U.S., it is an appropriate time for manufacturing facilities to consider their current practices to best prepare for upcoming changes. Unfortunately, however, many organizations are still using antiquated paper and pencil based quality control systems.

A solution to this problem is for meat manufacturers to implement Manufacturing Intelligence software into facilities to ensure government compliance. In the event of an audit, information such as the amount of animals in a pen as well as the amount of pens in a facility will have to be included alongside with information about an animal’s birth and death information. By storing this data safely in a remote database, manufacturers will experience no issues related to proof of compliance.

The InfinityQS ProFicient solution, which uses statistical process control to automate manufacturing intelligence, allows slaughterhouses the ability to aggregate data from multiple points along the production process. Since so many different yet equally important readings will have to be collected at various intervals, the likelihood of data getting lost or compromised is high. InfinityQS ProFicient provides a single quality control hub that can be accessed on either a smartphone or tablet so that meat manufacturing executives can be aware of quality and tracking issues at all times.

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