The Value of Enterprise Quality Management Software: Part Two

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By InfinityQS Blog | September 3, 2013
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Much has been discussed about how enterprise quality management software can increase the safety of your production facility and increase the awareness of your company’s supply chain. But when you invest in such software, there are financial benefits to be had as well.  Enterprise quality management software provides manufacturing executives the oversight necessary to prevent product recalls from happening. Through this approach, it can be guaranteed that companies will not have to spend money trying to fix the mess that product recalls generate. This software is necessary to prevent the excessive waste and costs associated with removing products from the market and catering to those who have been affected by faulty products.

The value of enterprise quality management software, therefore, extends beyond basic in-house production management features. It protects both employees, as well as consumers, serving as a built-in insurance system for your company. Through its use, it is possible to statistically gauge the overall safety of your company and where your company needs to improve, as well as where it is currently excelling.

All of this is made possible through the use of a single quality control hub, which generates real-time data that can be utilized immediately to alter production methods; it can even be accessed remotely, right from a mobile device. You can see how your employees are working, and whether the products that they are creating conform to the expectations required to meet expectations.

The real value of enterprise quality management software is the amount of control that it gives executives. Like a doctor who is able to see directly into a patient, or an auto mechanic who is able to look under a hood to see what is wrong, manufacturing executives need the ability to look deep within their organization to make adjustments when necessary—and to prevent problems before they arise.

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