What sort of metrics work with mobile solutions?

A great amount of care goes into the production of potato chips to ensure that each and every bag conforms to production quality standards. In order to ensure that each bag measures up to the standard amount of quality, executives must pay attention to certain metrics. These metrics include factors such as flavoring, crunchiness, moisture level and appearance.

With so many chips coming down a production line, and so many factors going into individual products, manufacturing executives require a solution to accurately gauge  quality metrics—and quickly. The procedure that is used to ensure this falls under the umbrella of Manufacturing Intelligence, and now it is possible to attain actionable data right from a mobile device.

In order to properly control the critical attributes, samples are frequently pulled from the line and pulverized into a powder so the granular components can be analyzed. Here, exact measures of salt, oil and moisture can be statistically measured and controlled on the shop floor, while summary data on performance is sent to reporting dashboards that are available via a mobile device. It is therefore possible to measure any metric that is needed during production. If, for instance, a team deems a chip to have too much flavor, a statistical analysis will come back detailing exactly what immediate changes need to be made in order to keep production on target. The run can be put on hold for further testing in order to ensure all product that leaves the facility meets the highest quality standards.

With instant feedback, you can test for any metric on the go and get an immediate answer that is easy to read and understand on a chart. A manufacturing executive requires only one tablet or smartphone to accurately record information and make decisions accordingly. Data is stored safely and can be pulled up from any location to share with other executives or present to clients. What kind of metrics does your manufacturing facility test for in its products? Tell us in the comments section below.

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