Why is a Mobile Approach to Enterprise Quality Management Necessary?

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By InfinityQS Blog | September 4, 2013
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As a manufacturing executive, you require analytics to back up the important business decisions that you are regularly required to make. But how often are you able to actually be present in the facility in which the information originates? And how long does it take for data to come from the plant floor into your boardroom?

Since you are constantly on-the-go—from meetings to cabs to airplanes—oftentimes, you do not have time to wait for data to come to you. Instead, you need a solution where data can stream from multiple locations to one location—your remote device. And it is not just you who requires this information; there are others on your team who also need access to the vital metrics that indicate the overall health of your enterprise.

The necessity for mobile technology in manufacturing facilities is necessary if you want to maintain the leading edge over your competitors and churn out quality products that conform to industry and enterprise standards. In fact, mobile technology is expected to expand at a compounded annual growth rate of 48 percent. And by 2015, there will be about 7.4 billion 802.11n devices on the market. Further, 1.2 billion smartphones will enter onto the market over the next five years.

Remote, cloud based enterprise quality management software can provide the amount of oversight necessary to make such decisions as it provides constant oversight into your manufacturing processes. For instance, if you need to adjust a certain metric in the production of sneakers, you can do so in the middle of a meeting on the other side of the planet. The software will shut down production, gather intelligence and stream it directly to you—informing you of what needs to be adjusted and how much it will cost.

A mobile approach to enterprise quality management is necessary, therefore, because while you can only be in one location at a time, manufacturing does not stop. And you cannot wait to make important decisions that drive your business.

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