Why the Cloud is a No Brainer when it Comes to Manufacturing IT

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By InfinityQS Blog | September 24, 2013
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A manufacturing facility requires constant oversight to ensure top notch enterprise quality management. That is because in production, even the smallest mistake will be carried out over a great deal of products. For instance, if too much milk or eggs go into a certain recipe, an entire batch of cookies can be ruined. If a faulty brake system is installed in a line of cars, a product recall might be necessary.

In order to prevent these types of manufacturing disasters, statistical process control software is necessary. It is a crucial component that more and more manufacturing facilities are leaning on in order to ensure that every last detail is accounted for during production.

When a company decides to move away from paper based intelligence systems and record data on a computer, intelligence needs to be stored in a database. Unfortunately, managing databases and onsite IT infrastructure is expensive. As a solution, therefore, many people are turning to the cloud to gain access to information storage and management. When data is placed into the cloud, it can be entered and extracted easily. Information remains safe and secure, as there is never any question about its integrity or security. That is because only authorized personnel have access to a remote, cloud-based quality control hub.

When a company switches to the cloud, its benefits will include both short term and long term financial savings. A onetime investment in remote statistical process control software will yield a strong ROI due to the fact that a company will not have to fund IT expenditures that will have to be rebuilt or re-modernized down the road.

No matter your manufacturing environment or security requirements, there are cloud deployment solutions to meet your needs such as via internet, hardware VPN, direct private circuit, software VPN or a hybrid environment. In manufacturing, unless your facility has internal needs that mandate you keep resources on site, it pays to avoid the extreme financial burden of constructing and managing servers and databases. Additionally, smaller businesses that do not have the capability of building a data center due to financial limitations will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of a large data center at only a nominal cost.

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