Empowering Six Sigma Teams for Quality Improvements

Douglas C. Fair
By Douglas C. Fair | December 16, 2020
Chief Operating Officer

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Here at InfinityQS, we pride ourselves in our ability to help companies address their quality needs head on with powerful, affordable, easy-to-use and deploy statistical process control (SPC) solutions. Your enterprise may be a single plant, or it might be three or four plants. Some organizations have more than a thousand plants around the world. Larger organizations want to be able to optimize their processes—or make sure that they've minimized their quality costs—across not just a production line or across a plant, but across all of those plants in their entire ecosystem.
We want to help any company striving to optimize processes, maximize quality, and minimize costs, defects, rework, and recalls. Our quality manufacturing software products are designed to help you put the people you employ—quality professionals, Six Sigma teams, and the like—in the best position possible to deliver quality improvements that can positively affect your bottom line.
Success Through Quality

Enterprise Visibility

Our software delivers what we call “enterprise visibility.” You can’t make the changes you want to make to improve your company without visibility across all your production lines, plants, and regions.
Imagine that you are at the controls of a small airplane, flying 15,000 feet in the air. It’s a beautiful summer day. Skies are blue, there are a few scattered clouds, and visibility is excellent.
If visibility is good, that means you can probably see miles ahead, and miles around you. You can see mountain ranges, lakes, streams, and highways. Good visibility also means that you can easily recognize potential issues—approaching weather patterns, or aircraft in the vicinity that are getting too close to you. With that type of visibility, a good pilot can make intelligent, informed decisions about air speed, altitude, and landing, while easily avoiding problems and mishaps.
It's the same with data. Imagine having easy access (that is, “visibility”) to all of your quality data across your entire enterprise. Imagine having access to any data you need—and having it instantly available. Envision a world in which you can view quality data from any region, plant, or production line in just a few button-clicks. Like our pilot example, data visibility would allow you make intelligent decisions that could help anticipate problems, avoid issues, and generate value for your organization.

Insights to Live By

Insights into Quality DataInfinityQS software has tools to support data gathering from any device or any system. That data is saved in a single cloud repository: an easily accessible system where any data can be viewed in a simple, standardized format.
But when I say the word “data,” I generally think of a bunch of individual numbers. So, imagine that I gave you a spreadsheet with thousands of numbers in it. Then imagine that I asked you to tell me what the numbers mean. Well, the first thing you would naturally do is try to figure out a way of summarizing the numbers. You might calculate an average, you might make a line graph of the data points, or you might place the data into a histogram. Regardless, individual numbers by themselves have little value.
It's only when we summarize them and make pictures of the data that information from the data is exposed. And that is what we call “Operational Insights” —summarizing your data and generating valuable information from them.

Transformative Thinking

So where does all this enterprise visibility and these operational insights lead? To what we call “Global Transformation.” Now, I know that that phrase sounds pretty lofty, but I have personal experience with organizations who have utterly transformed their business performance by acting on the operational insights that have been uncovered by our software.
Some of the clients I have worked with over the years have literally saved tens of millions of dollars, and doubled productivity by leveraging the information found in the operational insights.
But, there’s a trick to it. And the trick is action. The information uncovered from the operational insights must be acted upon to yield positive results. Seems silly to say that, but I have experience with organizations who uncover significant operational insights, but don’t take action. They fail to act upon critical information. As a result, it’s impossible to improve, much less transform global performance. The key to success—to achieve true global transformation—is to diligently just make it happen. And how does one do that? With the quality professionals, Six Sigma teams, and tiger teams you employ.
Six Sigma Teams Taking Action

The Power of Quality

Operational insights help you guide quality improvement teams and steer your quality improvement efforts. It means, in effect, that the company can specifically state what the Six Sigma team is supposed to work on. That seems obvious, but I've had experiences with companies where things can be pretty tough for Six Sigma teams—because they're left to determine on their own what quality issues to focus on. That’s tough, especially since there is typically no “one-stop-shop” for data. Historically, organizations have data spread across lots of different systems, meaning that there is no single repository for all quality data. Until now.
Imagine having access to all quality data in one place, and then saying to your Six Sigma team, "All the data is right here; and here is a great tool you can use; now tell us what needs to be fixed." Our software is a game changer in terms of providing access to data and helping these Six Sigma teams and quality professionals identify precisely where it is they can make the greatest impact on the business, where they can help dramatically reduce costs and improve quality levels.
Quality Teams Help Reduce Costs 
This is just so different from anything else that I've experienced in my entire career. I've never seen anything close to what InfinityQS brings to the table with our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. Having all quality data around the world in one single place where it's easily accessible by any quality team, Six Sigma team, quality professional, manager, COO, CEO. It doesn't matter. It's accessible by these individuals, the people that can really make a difference in the business. That's what we're providing to the marketplace.
Once we have all that quality data sitting in one single data repository, your quality professionals can use our reported metrics, statistical tools, and analysis capabilities to prioritize company-wide quality actions.

Now What?

Turning Insights into ActionOnce those insights have been identified, it’s time for your quality experts to take those insights and make improvements across production lines, product codes, shifts, across the enterprise. With a single data repository and analytical tools like InfinityQS provides, it is a realistic goal to transform quality performance throughout your organization.
Again, this is all driven by centralization of quality data. And unifying all that global data together so that you can make strategic decisions in terms of quality improvement. It's all about where you can drive continuous improvement activities and improve the consistency of your products and reduce your costs across the enterprise.


And so, I think that is an absolutely brilliant thing that we bring to the marketplace—this concept of enterprise visibility, operational insights, and global transformation. We call it the Excellence Loop (read more about the Excellence Loop here).
Our software products help organizations drive tremendous improvement and become much more competitive. We help companies get the visibility they need, so they can obtain those important operational insights, and unleash their talented Six Sigma teams to make dramatic improvements in the quality and performance of their organizations.
Take advantage of the technology at your fingertips today: contact one of our account managers (1.800.772.7978 or via our website) for more information.


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