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Quality Improvement Intiatives in Manufacturing

Learn best practices to improve quality in manufacturing industries. The purpose of this blog is to share our experience at manufacturing plants all over the world, in a wide variety of industries, each with their own unique challenges and goals.

COVID-19 and the Cloud

Now, more than ever, manufacturers need a cloud quality solution that will meet their changing needs.  

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Quality Control and the Life of Data – Part 5: Protecting Your Brand

Protect your QSR brand through proper food safety data analysis.

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InfinityQS and the Bottling Industry: A Perfect Fit

Bottling is a complex dance of technology, data, and brand. InfinityQS quality intelligence software supplies the music.

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How Would You Do That Today?

When it comes to your manufacturing organization’s company-wide concerns, can you answer the question, “How would you do that today?”  

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Enacting Quality Control in the Bottling Industry

Beverage bottlers around the globe rely on Enact to provide visibility, standardized analytics, and actionable reporting.  

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Quality Control and the Life of Data – Part 4: Predictive Alarms & Automated Data Collection

Early warning predictors in Enact can easily help your quick service restaurant maintain safe food temperatures.  

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50 Shades of Blue—the Line is Blurring Between Blue- and White-Collar Workers in Modern Manufacturing

The line between blue-collar and white-collar workers in modern manufacturing is blurring. They are now all "knowledge workers."   

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Quality Control and the Life of Data – Part 3: Grading

Enact’s grading tool does the heavy lifting of sifting through thousands, even millions, of data streams to find the vital few that need the most attention.  

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Quality Control and the Life of Data - Part 2: Second Life

QSR operators need to keep up with constantly changing conditions in their kitchens. Quality intelligence software is the tool they need to do just that.  

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The Clear View with Enact Bubble Charts

Enact bubble charts offer manufacturers the ability to view quality data in a new, multi-dimensional way.  

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Statistical Process Control Analysis—Take Data to the Next Level

Are you spending more time collecting and managing data and less time managing manufacturing operations? Get fast access to the right information you need now.

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Driving Quality – Part 2: COVID-19 and Automotive Manufacturing

Enact fits the bill for the changing automotive industry.  

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Driving Quality – Part 1: The Automotive Supply Chain

The InfinityQS Enact Quality Intelligence platform helps the auto industry optimize manufacturing processes.

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Quality Transformation with Enact - 5: Barriers to Transformation & Starting Your Quality Transformation Journey Today

Overcome barriers to your organization's quality transformation...and get started with Enact. 

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