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Quality Improvement Intiatives in Manufacturing

Learn best practices to improve quality in manufacturing industries. The purpose of this blog is to share our experience at manufacturing plants all over the world, in a wide variety of industries, each with their own unique challenges and goals.

Enact: Custom Translations with Language Labels

Enact’s language labels are additional “customizing” of the SPC software to your native tongue and your unique manufacturing environment. Companies that own multiple sites, in...

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Reach for the Stars for Your Manufacturing Quality

The Enact Quality Intelligence platform is like the Hubble space telescope for manufacturing quality data. See deeper into your data than ever before with Enact. 

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Benefits of SaaS: Part 2

Software-as-a-Service unburdens your IT team and brings all your data together.

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Soldiers, Firefighters, and Generals: Part 3

Corporate and Six Sigma users love Enact's aggregated dashboards, grading methodology, and mobility.

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Benefits of SaaS: Part 1

Software-as-a-Service is here. Improve your bottom line, as well as the overall quality of your processes and products, by moving to a SaaS platform. Move up, up, and away from pencil and paper...

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Soldiers, Firefighters, and Generals: Part 2

This installment in the three-part series focuses on the firefighters of manufacturing—Quality Inspectors and Managers—how they deep-dive using the raw dashboard to pinpoint issues, and...

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Top Challenge in Craft Brewing: Fierce Competition

The popularity of unique, full-flavored craft beers continues to rise. The craft brew industry accounts for $23.5 billion of the $107.6 billion beer sales in the United States...

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Four Ways to Gain QA Wins

Even the simplest QA schemes will include pass/fail checks to tell you where the process is going wrong. However—and this is crucial—they can't tell you how right things are going!

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Dashboard-Driven Insights

Are your quality professionals spending more time digging through data than using it? Enact dashboards deliver targeted data, filtered by role, so that users get just what they need.

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Fully-Automated Data Collection is a Snap: Data Collection Series #3

InfinityQS Enact makes fully-automated data collection a powerful part of your quality strategy.

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When scaling is required or necessary, SaaS is a Super Hero: Quality Pro Series #5

When scaling is required or necessary, SaaS is a Super Hero.  

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Time to Ditch the Paper and the Spreadsheets

Manufacturers need to stop juggling spreadsheets and paper and start focusing on the information that can be found in the data they collect.

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Semi-Automated Data Collection is Easy Too!: Data Collection Series #2

InfinityQS Enact makes semi-automated data collection visual, engaging, and easy.

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Who Wants to be a Hero?

Your quality data is the key to becoming a hero at your new company.

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