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Quality Check is focused on best practices for real-time quality control in the manufacturing industries. The purpose of this blog is to share our experience at manufacturing plants all over the world, in a wide variety of industries, each with their own unique challenges and goals.

What’s Your Priority? Use SPC to Maximize Your Impact on Quality and Costs: Mastering Quality #3

As a quality professional, you need to make the biggest possible impact on quality and costs as quickly as possible. The answer is hiding in the data you’re collecting already. Learn to...

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Stay on Track with SPC Process Alerts and Notifications: Mastering Quality #2

Can you count on your quality management solution to provide SPC process alerts and notifications that will help you head off trouble before it can affect your bottom line?  

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Optimize SPC Data Collection: Mastering Quality #1

With some forethought on your part, SPC data collection can set the stage for noticeable (or dramatic) process and product improvements, and help reduce risk, waste, and defects. Improve your...

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Mastering Quality: Real-Time SPC Drives True Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

Manufacturers today invest significant time, money, and resources in a variety of initiatives to drive continuous improvement and manufacturing excellence within their operations. However...

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Statistical Process Control: What Era Are You In?

Is your 20th century SPC software able to keep up with your 21st century manufacturing organization?  

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Don’t Just Collect SPC Data: Interrogate It!

Your SPC data is trying to tell you something important about your manufacturing processes and product quality. It’s time to sit it down and let it talk.  

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Box-and-Whisker Charts Help Improve Manufacturing Process Control

SPC control charts are invaluable for catching process variations. But did you know that you can use box-and-whisker charts to compare variations across products—all in one view?  

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How to Use Quality Data to Connect the Enterprise

InfinityQS explores how to re-imagine quality across the enterprise and improve global performance with operational insight.

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2017 Goals: Set Your Priorities for Success This Year

In these days of tightened belts, penny-pinching shareholders, and lean manufacturing principles, manufacturers are pushed to perform better, offer higher quality, and lower prices — all at...

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You’re In Control, Now How Do You Stay In Control?

Manufacturers love to hear the word “in control” when talking about processes. From a Statistical Process Control (SPC) point of view, an in-control process means that a process is...

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Make SPC Easy

When it comes to statistical process control (SPC), it's easy to get lost in the weeds and forget what you are really trying to accomplish. The whole point is to make better products for the customer.

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The High Cost of Quality

Having been involved in quality and process control for quite a few years now, I tend to read any article regarding a quality issue or anything related to new ideas for quality or process...

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Product Performance vs. Process Control

Remember that early class or seminar you took on Statistical Process Control (SPC)? You know, the one that said if you can learn to understand and control the critical inputs of your process, the...

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The Other Side of the Coin

Have you ever heard of "the flavor of the month?" The phrase refers to "a change that does not last." Sometimes we feel like we invest so much effort in making changes to our processes and at the...

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