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Quality Check is focused on best practices for real-time quality control in the manufacturing industries. The purpose of this blog is to share our experience at manufacturing plants all over the world, in a wide variety of industries, each with their own unique challenges and goals.

The Success of Your Supply Chain Starts with You

It is not uncommon for plant managers, quality teams and compliance managers to know they have quality issues in the supply chain but not have the right intelligence to properly pinpoint the...

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Do You have the Quality Manufacturing Mindset?

In manufacturing today, consumers have an endless variety of options to choose from when deciding which company to do business with. Consumers will make choices based on a whole host of factors...

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Turn OEE into a Portal for Advanced Metrics

The quest for product perfection does not just happen with the snap of a finger. Manufacturing executives need quality insight in order to gauge a realistic view of how automated processes are...

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Don't Let Surging Sales Affect Your Product Quality

Manufacturing executives have a responsibility to get products out onto the market as quickly as possible. In order to meet the needs of a hungry consumer base, it can be tempting to push products...

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The Value of a Centralized Database

Think of how hard it is trying to learn a new language using only vocabulary. You could have an entire dictionary at your disposal, but if you can’t make a sentence the words are all but...

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The Advantage of Automation

Imagine you are purchasing wood for the surface of a large, outdoor patio. You don’t want just any brand of lumber, however. You want to know the source of where the wood came from. Aside...

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How to Attain Manufacturing Enlightenment: Part Two

A chef that makes a tomato sauce for a large group of people has to taste the sauce at critical points in the production process to ensure the quality and flavor is right. A good chef never sends...

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How to Attain Manufacturing Enlightenment: Part One

Congratulations—your enterprise has decided to take active steps towards a more holistic manufacturing approach. It has recognized that there are flaws in its operational procedures, and is...

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Sculpt a Positive Brand Image with Social Media

Think for a moment about your all time favorite products. You might recall the crisp taste of cola on a Thanksgiving table, or the lemon scent of laundry detergent on fresh sheets drying in the sun.

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Global Manufacturing Economy on the Rise

JPMorgan has released its 2013 Global Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index. According to the report, global manufacturing is on the rise. And after a particularly strong September, things...

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U.S. Manufacturing Reaches Highest Peak in Two Years

Over the past few months, economists and executives have waited with their fingers crossed tightly while monitoring the state of manufacturing in the U.S. As the manufacturing economy continues to...

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Construct Your Company's Image around Sound Quality

Imagine that you are in a store, and you see a pair of headphones that boast superior sound quality and durability. You purchase the headphones, and after using them for 6 weeks, the sound starts...

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Why Every Manufacturing Executive Needs to Pay Attention to Overall Equipment Effectiveness

As a manufacturing executive, your business frequently takes you to various locations around the world. But while you are on site visits or at meetings, how do you keep an eye on manufacturing...

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