Food Safety Assurance for Restaurants

Experience the benefits of InfinityQS Enact—the cloud-based, digital food safety and quality solution.

Enact Provides Visibility & Assurance

Enact is a cloud-native solution that enables restaurants to better protect their customers—and their brand—through real-time monitoring and analysis of the critical areas that cause foodborne illness.
Support a dispersed & mobile workforce
Cloud-based, centralized quality monitoring and analysis enables store supervisors, regional managers, and brand owners to stay on the same page.
Maximize productivity
Automating routine activities—such as data collection, monitoring, and reporting—helps workers maintain safety checks while staying focused on vital tasks.
Instant access to real-time, restaurant-level data
Data-driven insights help pinpoint efficiency and productivity improvements—and protect your bottom line by reducing cost, waste, and giveaway.
Deploy Enact quickly—enterprise-wide
Enact is built for rapid rollout, and you can add new products, change data collections, and make information available across concepts, restaurants, suppliers—instantly.
Maintain food safety & quality
Empower staff with role-based dashboards that provide real-time information to support faster corrective actions.

Improve Restaurant Staff Food Safety Practices

Restaurant staff are busy people. Enact makes it easy to conduct required daily temperature checks, food safety efforts, and receiving checks. Staff simply follow their existing data collection checks by entering data on an internet-connected phone, tablet, or computer—rather than on a piece of paper.

Data Collection with Step-by-step Guidance

Data collection is visual and intuitive in dashboards containing guided instructions. Staff quickly see exactly when and what checks are due using visual prompts and work instructions.


Enact features an automated event notification system that detects issues and notifies restaurant staff when inputs and corrective actions are required. Customizable notification rules can be used to automatically alert multiple levels of management for oversight, assurance, and process improvement.

Document Corrective Actions

Events capture a history of issues—and associated information for each. Staff can then add context including comments, live images, and predefined information such as causes, actions, and more.

Gain Management Visibility & Analysis

Notifications, reports, and access to real-time and historical data provide managers with broad visibility and awareness across operations. Enact includes a complete collection of analytical tools and filtering capabilities that make quick work of dissecting data—enabling quick root cause analysis and exposing valuable insights for continuous improvement initiatives.

Restaurant & Regional Management Oversight

Management dashboards keep store, regional, and franchise managers on top of day-to-day activities across multiple restaurants—and keep them aware of issues that may require their involvement. With Enact, managers know if checks are being performed on time, and can confirm if timely corrective action was taken and issues resolved. Managers gain the ability to drill into data—and can easily pinpoint the areas that are causing issues.

Corporate Visibility & Insight

Enact provides corporate and regional leaders with unprecedented visibility into restaurant operations, enabling them to ensure that standards are being met—and to unlock operational insights. Advanced analytical tools filter, compare, and analyze data from thousands of restaurants to surface trends and issues that require high-level quality involvement. With Enact, corporate professionals have the ability to drill through layers of regional and organizational views—straight down to the individual restaurant level.

Enact: Integral Quality Improvement

When you hand a completed order to a customer, you’re witnessing the culmination of an impressively orchestrated, complex set of processes—and InfinityQS Enact is an essential tool for successfully monitoring these activities.
Enact provides quality and food safety management and operational insight at every crucial step and checkpoint—in every process.


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