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InfinityQS solutions help you find measurable improvements—across processes, lines, and sites—that can transform your business.

Measurable Results

InfinityQS’ Frost & Sullivan award-winning statistical process control (SPC)-based software has helped hundreds of companies around the globe improve their manufacturing processes. Our clients report significant reductions in their costliest metrics.
  • Improve data collection, analysis, and reporting—Unique features help reduce average data collection times by 14.4% and reporting time by up to 17.1%.
  • Reduce scrap, waste, and risk—Real-time, automated alerts and notifications help manufacturers see an average 12.7% reduction in weekly scrap and a 14.1% reduction in warranty claims. 
  • Optimize manufacturing operations—With InfinityQS SPC software, our customers report an average 14.1% reduction in overtime and a 14.3% reduction in man-hour rework.
  • Increase savings and yields—Control charts are just the beginning. Our SPC solutions uncover information that you can use to improve yields while reducing downtime and quality costs. 

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“After implementing InfinityQS software, we were able to reduce our product waste by over $1 million compared to the previous year. The fact that InfinityQS paid for itself within months is not typical of a software investment. We really feel it gives us an edge in terms of our quality, consistency, and cost performance.”

Mark Schieldge, VP of Quality Innovations
Snak King

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