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Feeding Operational Intelligence to Those Who Can Take Action

Read how multi-national foods producer/distributor Michael Foods takes the guesswork out of planning for the future with data-based decision-making.

The Michael Foods quality assurance team wanted to improve its overall Statistical Process Control (SPC) approach to quality. However, data collection was largely performed manually and the company's quality assurance software lacked the statistical analysis capabilities the company needed to truly understand the value of the collected data.

By implementing InfinityQS ProFicient, a real-time quality and Manufacturing Intelligence platform powered by an SPC analysis engine, Michael Foods experienced significant gains from its transition to a more data-driven culture.

  • The company paid for the enhanced SPC project through resulting productivity gains.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts maintain process control to reduce overpack and waste.
  • Graphical displays, extensive charting, and real-time feedback empower operators to make data-based decisions. 
  • Operational intelligence identifies and eliminates variation between shifts. Removing guesswork and streamlining communications among operators improves production efficiency. 
  • Manufacturing Intelligence helps plant managers and quality executives identify overarching trends. 
  • Startup time required to stabilize a process for normal production is reduced.


Download the full case study and read about how Michael Foods Re-Imagined Quality with InfinityQS.

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Ice cream perfection from cow to cone

Find out how cool customers Ben & Jerry’s teamed with InfinityQS to make the move from slow, outdated data-tracking systems to fast, reliable data collection and analysis.

Ben & Jerry’s maintains the strictest standards of product quality to ensure its customers get the full flavor experience each time they enjoy a pint or cone of Vermont’s finest ice cream. Each step of its supply chain – from suppliers and distributors to manufacturing operations – must comply with the company’s three-part mission statement, which emphasizes product quality, economic reward, and a commitment to the community.

Focusing on its manufacturing operations, Ben & Jerry’s maintains quality procedures for key performance indicators (KPIs) that ensure consistent product quality for every pint produced. Since the company deployed the InfinityQS ProFicient enterprise quality hub to streamline its quality control procedures, Ben & Jerry’s has used Manufacturing Intelligence to identify instances to improve run capability, raw material usage, and cost savings while producing and a higher quality product for the consumer.

Download the full case study and read about how Ben & Jerry’s Re-Imagined Quality with InfinityQS.

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Unifying real-time visibility across 26 factories

Learn how leading bottled water company Nestlé Waters gained real-time visibility over its production processes—across dozens of factories.

Nestlé Waters, the world’s leading bottled water company,  had been using a cumbersome paper-based system to collect and analyze data. When issues arose that required immediate attention, Nestlé Waters’ quality engineers had to disrupt operators on the production line to retrieve the necessary data. Nestlé Waters’ goal was to implement a system that would allow quality professionals to easily monitor, review, and trend real-time quality data. Additionally, Nestlé Waters needed to standardize on one solution across all of its facilities to complement its existing IT infrastructure. 

After a thorough needs/analysis evaluation, Nestlé Waters determined that InfinityQS ProFicient best satisfied the company's criteria for quality documentation and analysis. The company's IT team worked with InfinityQS to spread the implementation across 16 Retail sites as well as eight Home and Office sites, then integrated all the sites with corporate headquarters. With InfinityQS ProFicient in place, Nestlé Waters now has real-time visibility over production processes—both within the individual sites and from the corporate level across 26 factories. By tracking trends in quality data, they are able to make more accurate and timely decisions about process improvements.


Download the full case study and read about how Nestle Water's Re-Imagined Quality with InfinityQS.

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