Box Plots and Pareto Charts

As a follow-up to our popular “Exploring Control Charts” webinars, this webinar delves into Box Plots (also know as Box & Whisker Plots ) and Pareto charts. Steve Wise will demonstrate how to gain the most benefit from these tools through effective sampling strategies and providing examples of best practices. See InfinityQS' "million-way analysis" first hand using the multi-level processing feature plus how to combine variable and defects analysis within the same Box Plot.

Using the Pareto chart, Steve will analyze sampled data, defects, Assignable Cause Codes and Corrective Action Codes. Additionally, you’ll see innovative ways to weight the Pareto chart and use Factor values to further extend its value.

For the Box Plot, Steve will cover variables data, but also show how to analyze the variables data with a defect code. Complete the form below to view the webinar.

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