5 Ways to Bring Your Process Data Up to Speed

Improve the way you manage manufacturing shop floor operations with real-time SPC.

Gathering quality data is essential for product and process improvement in any manufacturing operation. Real-time statistical process control (SPC) data is essential to enable operators to catch defective product or inefficient processes as quickly as possible and to help quality engineers pinpoint and correct the causes of disruptive quality variances. But today’s manufacturing lines can generate thousands of data points per minute.

Users can be overwhelmed as they try to keep up with the sheer amount of information pouring in from multiple products across multiple lines, shifts, or even sites.

How can operations, quality, and Six Sigma teams monitor what’s happening on the floor while it’s happening, without becoming so buried in data that agile analysis and response become impossible?

Fortunately, modern technology solutions can help manufacturing organizations make the most of the SPC data they are already collecting—while streamlining and simplifying the ways that users access and use the information they need.

Download this free white paper to learn how to— 

  • Add multiple quality checks throughout a process to help teams solve problems faster
  • Ensure all operators are collecting data consistently, accurately, and on time
  • Deliver users information tailored for their roles and needs
  • Use aggregated SPC data to discover opportunities to save costs and improve productivity
  • Ensure users can access information they need from any device

Make your SPC data faster than the speed of life.

The SPC data you are collecting today holds untold value—if only you have the tools to tap into it. Get the tips you need to improve operations, boost your process-improvement efforts, and pull ahead of the competition.

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