Moving Away from Manual Processes

Update your SPC data management techniques to save time, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and save money

Manufacturers know how important it is to modernize and automate their equipment and safety processes, and most do so gradually over the years. Yet when it comes to quality data collection, analysis, and reporting, the number of businesses that are still using paper-and-spreadsheet processes is astounding.

Manual data management methods are time-consuming, frustrating, and vulnerable to inaccuracies.

Moving from paper-based to digital data management practices provides fast, measurable benefits, including reduced variations and errors, improved compliance, real-time alerts and notifications, massive time savings—and most important, the ability to get greater value from the Statistical Process Control (SPC) data your manufacturing operations rely on.

So why do manufacturers hesitate to move away from paper-based systems? Many fear making a change will be difficult—and expensive. Yet updating the way you deal with data needn’t be painful, pricey, or overwhelming.

Download this free white paper to learn how to take a fresh look at your data processes in three areas:

  • Collection
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

Updating the way you deal with SPC data in any of these categories can produce measurable and significant benefits, including fewer data errors, reduced scrap and waste, and faster reporting and response to audits. And you don’t need to shut down production, overwhelm operators, or purchase astronomically expensive equipment to start seeing results.

It’s important that all your operations and quality teams have easy, fast access to real-time data.

Make your move—learn how you can use affordable real-time SPC software and modern techniques to implement more effective approaches to quality management.

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