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Mike Lyle
By Mike Lyle | April 7, 2020
President and CEO

Fact checked by Stephen O'Reilly

A note from President and CEO Mike Lyle:

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound effect on each of us, on our families and friends, and on how we work and socialize. None of us are likely to escape the impact of this pandemic. With our gratitude and respect for those on the front lines, we wish them success in their endeavors and safety for their own wellbeing. We also hope that all of you and your families are safe as we work through these difficult times.
To protect our staff and ensure the continuity of service for our clients, InfinityQS has moved all operations out of our physical office locations. Our entire staff is now safely working remotely to ensure uninterrupted support for our clients. The move to a virtual global office was seamless and without interruption due in large part to our moving our essential business systems to the cloud in 2019.

Enact Quality Intelligence PlatformWe know that Enact®, our cloud-based quality system, will ensure the quality of the products that you produce while helping you protect your most valuable resource—your people. Regardless of where your engineering, quality, and management staff are located, with Enact they will have complete access to the data and information vital to ensuring the quality of your products.
To support the manufacturing community during these challenging times, we are offering Enact free for three months. It is one way that we can help support your company’s safety and quality goals.
Enact was built to solve the problems you are dealing with today. Enact can help your company quickly:
  • Improve and maintain product quality and safety
  • Reduce costs and maximize productivity
  • Support remote working
We are also offering free configuration services to get you started. Enact is built for rapid rollout, and our expert services team will help you get started—free—so you can begin enjoying the benefits that come with a great quality system.
Let us know how we can help you adapt to today’s challenges—and thank you for all the work you do to provide for everyone who relies on your products.



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