Quality Control in Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics manufacturers meet diverse demands to keep the modern world humming.

Electronics Quality Control

From chips in computers and smartphones to the semiconductors and circuits that Aerospace, Defense, and Automotive makers rely on, the products and components that Electronics companies manufacture and assemble are at the center of the exciting, fast-moving, and increasingly complex technologies that touch every aspect of modern life.
In this fast-paced and dynamic market space, Electronics manufacturers are challenged by:

  • Increasing global competition
  • A need to produce the highest quality products
  • A continual need to drive down costs
  • Supplies sourced from across globe
​As a result of these challenges, quality improvement managers in the Electronics industry need real-time visibility — within plants and across the globe — to proactively:
  • Maximize yields
  • Drive down costs
  • Reduce waste and scrap
  • Optimize processes through continuous improvements
  • Ensure part and product traceability
Quality control in electronics manufacturing is critical.

InfinityQS® Statistical Process Control (SPC) software provides an enterprise-wide, single solution that enables Electronics quality managers to accomplish these goals. In addition, InfinityQS’s industrial statisticians and application engineers have real-world manufacturing experience, including short-run or high-mix/low-volume production environments where SPC for quality improvement can be especially challenging.
We can apply our vast knowledge to improve your most pressing Electronics quality control challenges.

NorthStar Battery leverages real-time manufacturing data so they can react quickly before problems escalate. 

Real-time visibility to reduce cost

InfinityQS automates real-time data collection and analysis on the shop floor to enable the early detection of electronic quality control problems, so the team can take action to prevent additional defects and nonconformities. This early prevention reduces scrap, rework, and recalls, providing significant savings to the bottom line.

InfinityQS users reduce their recall risk by dramatically reducing process variation. And ProFicient’s lot genealogy and reporting functionality minimizes recall costs by enabling tracking of raw material lot codes throughout manufacturing operations.
Based on these cost reductions and others, you’ll be able to demonstrate a significant return on investment within a very short timeframe.

Electronics quality control professional inspecting manufacturing equipment.

In a recent survey of our customer base, customers reported they reduced scrap by an average rate of 12.7% per week. They also reported an average 14.3% reduction in man-hours for rework.

Quality control in electronics manufacturing reduces product defects and variation

Spreadsheets and standalone systems can no longer get the job done given today’s need for extreme precision in Electronics manufacturing. Quality managers need visibility into the specific metrics and granular details that deliver value to their organizations and their end customers.
InfinityQS experts understand:

  • Defect analysis: We understand defect data—and defect opportunities. InfinityQS SPC software is capable of leveraging metrics for Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) and Defects Per Thousand Opportunities (DPTO) to allow Electronics manufacturers to compare products of varying complexity.
  • Variation analysis: We truly understand the variation introduced by time, across pieces, and within pieces. Our 3D control charts allow you to understand process variation so you can improve your processes.
Worker assembling a circuit board following guidance of electronics industry software solution for quality management

Drive continuous improvement

Today, Electronics manufacturers need real-time and accurate data that is visible from the production floor to the corner office. Quality control managers need visibility within plants and across multiple facilities, often on a global basis, to drive continuous improvements by:
  • Prioritizing process improvement efforts
  • Comparing production line capability
  • Ensuring product conformity
InfinityQS SPC software enables quality control in electronics manufacturing, providing these critical capabilities in real time, even for short-run and high-mix/low-volume production environments, by using advanced statistical techniques.
With our cloud-based solutions, organizations gain real-time visibility into their suppliers’ shop floor quality data before nonconforming product even ships. This enhanced level of supplier monitoring can:
  • Eliminate source inspections and Certificates of Analysis (COA)
  • Reduce inventories
  • Provide additional quality improvements and cost savings


InfinityQS software provides a track-and-trace lot genealogy solution across the entire supply chain enabling Electronics OEM and tier suppliers to:
  • Significantly reduce the time and costs of recalls
  • Take proactive steps to prevent recalls
  • Standardize processes, documentation, and reporting

Electronics industry compliance

InfinityQS’s built-in functionality helps Electronics suppliers and manufacturers comply with industry and customer standards for quality, consistency, and security. Our robust solutions can stand up to third-party audits.

Lot Genealogy reports provide a complete view of the incoming/outgoing product relationship complete with statistical summary information.

InfinityQS’s lot genealogy and reporting functionality enables Electronics suppliers and manufacturers to track raw materials or component lot codes throughout manufacturing operations. For investigation purposes, genealogical "trees" can be created for any lot. These reports allow you to determine:
  • Materials used in the production of a specific finished lot
  • Where incoming raw materials were consumed
  • Root causes of nonconforming lots
  • Information critical for responding to product recalls
  • Which final lots were created from incoming lots
Lot genealogy reports provide a complete view of the incoming/outgoing product relationship complete with statistical summary information.
Dynamic Scheduler
Dynamic Scheduler screen interface for quality management software systemYou can specify unique, time-based intervals based on the product, process, or even the workstation. Windows automatically pop up, clearly identifying when data collections are due. If a failure is detected or if no data is collected, the software can automatically send notifications, email administrators, or even force users to specify assignable cause codes and corrective actions.

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Audits are easier with instant access to quality records and electronic documentation needed to demonstrate compliance. Our robust solutions can stand up to third-party or internal audits for quality management systems or automotive OEMs. Creating reports takes only minutes instead of hours or days, eliminating the need for spreadsheets.
InfinityQS solutions boast built-in checklist and workflow alerting features needed to comply with Quality Management System (QMS) SPC requirements for key product characteristics. You can incorporate work instruction requirements at the production floor level, providing automatic data collection prompts and a visual checklist to operators. 
The strict access control features support requirements for electronic signatures including Password Aging, Recycling, Lockouts, Length and Encryption. The Security Violation Logs track and report security violations by individual users and their locations. Access Logs track individual user access into and out of applications.
InfinityQS solutions also offer Audit Trail Logging, which provides a history of all changes made to any database record including sample data limits, alarm rules, change history, metadata, specification limits, and control limits.
When enabled, Database Auditing provides full traceability for any modification, edit, or change to any database record. Traceability records are easily viewed in a variety of ways, but they cannot be edited. Whenever a record modification or deletion is attempted, the “Reason for Change” tracking feature forces users to select a reason for the modification from a drop-down list. Additionally, free-form comments are required. When specified, a Change History and Reason for Change Report can accompany any chart printout.

Consider the Advantages of the Cloud with Dedicated ProFicient on Demand 

InfinityQS’s powerful cloud-based quality solution Dedicated ProFicient on Demand (PoD) provides real-time data analysis and decision making while lowering ownership costs. 

Manufacturers in regulated industries and those that require direct control over software access and features can have all the advantages of the cloud—in a private, unshared environment—with a Dedicated PoD subscription. 

Learn more about the value of a ProFicient on Demand dedicated subscription. 
We have made numerous investments in technology to help support our quality initiatives, and InfinityQS ProFicient allows us to bring everything together. We can now assimilate data from different systems and device locations – whether from our ERP system, document control program, or other inspection equipment – into one, centralized hub for easy analysis and decision making.
InfinityQS was a criticial component in enhancing customer satisfaction for both new and existing customers. We have found that when new customers visit our facility and they see that we have real-time SPC configured, their confidence in our product and processes increases.
We are looking to improve our confidence in our capabilities and numbers, which will guarantee a quality product to our customers. Such confidence is important to our future – it allows us to meet our customer requirements as promised. I believe ProFicient on Demand is a tool that will get us there, essentially by helping us to communicate better with our suppliers using data to drive such communications.
I am happy with the ProFicient on Demand product and the InfinityQS team that is behind it. InfinityQS’ technical support and training team are excellent. They are always able to provide answers to our questions and resolve issues as they come along.
The addition of InfinityQS to SanDisk’s existing system infrastructure gives us a significantly more responsive and effective production environment.
In this particular case, we believed in utilizing a “best of breed” methodology. Why should we take months to custom design something in our MES system when a proven and more complete software package already exists that can easily be integrated? By investing in and implementing InfinityQS, we have already seen immense benefits. The software has allowed us to attain a ROI much more rapidly than if we had put in the time and money to customize our MES to do something that it was never originally designed to do.
No other system would allow us to integrate real-time process data from disparate systems into MES or launch automated alerts and actions to give our engineers intelligence and feedback. InfinityQS has proven vital in resolving issues we didn’t even know we had.

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