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Quality is a top concern for every industry. Whether you are producing a product, providing a service, or creating a solution, putting quality at the center of your processes helps your business thrive.

Quality Control for Every Business

Technology makes the global marketplace accessible to nearly any company —family-run contract manufacturing shops, midsize custom furniture makers, specialists in geospatial photography, and even hospitals.
Each of these businesses is truly unique. But they also share common challenges. Whether they serve a large market or a select niche, they must:

  • Meet challenging customer quality standards
  • Execute tight turnarounds with short leads
  • Offer the best possible price
  • Stand out in a highly competitive landscape
  • Meet the compliance requirements of a variety of agencies
As a result, everyone in the company—from executives and quality managers to the people producing your product or service—needs real-time visibility to proactively:
  • Drive down costs
  • Improve speed, yield, and service delivery
  • Increase quality and prevent defects through continuous improvements
  • Ensure part, product, and process traceability
InfinityQS® Statistical Process Control (SPC) software provides an enterprise-wide, single solution that enables companies to accomplish these goals. In addition, InfinityQS solutions:
  • are based on real-world experience in short-run or high-mix/low-volume production environments where SPC can be especially challenging
  • offer flexibility to manage quality in complex environments with extreme efficiency
  • enable data collection from any existing equipment, so quality managers can effectively capture, combine, and compare data and discover where they have the greatest opportunities for improvement

Real-time visibility to reduce costs

InfinityQS automates real-time data collection and analysis on the shop floor or throughout your service process to enable the early detection of problems, so the team can take action to prevent poor products or a poor customer experience. This early prevention reduces waste of materials and effort and helps prevent the need to re-do work, providing significant savings to the bottom line.
InfinityQS users reduce risk and waste by dramatically reducing process variation. For example, the software's extensive analysis features empower users to uncover previously unknown information, providing insight into how to run production lines more efficiently and with fewer defects. In addition, Lot Genealogy and Reporting functionality in InfinityQS solutions can be applied to enable tracking of raw material lot codes or components throughout operations.
Based on these cost reductions and others, InfinityQS users are able to demonstrate a significant return on investment within a very short timeframe.

In a recent survey of our customer base, customers reported they reduced their scrap by an average rate of 12.7% per week. They also reported an average 14.3% reduction in man-hours for rework.


Improved quality, reduced defects and variation

Paper and spreadsheets can no longer get the job done given today’s need for extreme precision in product delivery. Quality managers need visibility into the specific metrics and granular details that deliver value to their organizations and their end customers.

InfinityQS experts understand:
  • Defect analysis: We understand defect data—and defect opportunities. InfinityQS SPC software is capable of leveraging metrics for Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) and Defects Per Thousand Opportunities (DPTO) to allow manufacturers, job shops, and assembly plants to compare products of varying complexity.
  • Variation analysis: We truly understand the variation introduced by time, across pieces, and within pieces. Our 3D control charts capture this analysis.

Operational efficiency and continuous improvement

InfinityQS eliminates paper-based data collection and storage systems, by automating data collection via electronic gauges, PLCs, mobile devices, or operator workstations. Not only does eliminating paper-based processes make operations less costly and more accurate, but it also makes audits, compliance, and reporting much simpler (no more spreadsheets!). All quality data is stored in a single Unified Data Repository, which can also pull data from disparate systems allowing users to:
  • More closely monitor and analyze processes
  • Prioritize quality improvement efforts
  • Deliver continuous process improvements
InfinityQS solutions provide key support of a Six Sigma efforts to improve overall quality control, customer satisfaction, and productivity every day.

Reporting and analytics

InfinityQS provides real-time, accurate data from the shop floor to the corner office. Quality managers gain real-time visibility within and across locations, even on a global basis, to proactively:
  • Compare capabilities of departments, production line, or service centers
  • Ensure product and service consistency
  • Reduce costs
Our customers gain the biggest improvements and cost savings by evaluating statistical data from a higher level—comparing performance across locations, processes, shifts, parts, and lots to find the next biggest opportunities for reducing costs and minimizing waste.
With our cloud-based solutions, organizations can even extend Quality Management to their vendor and supplier partners. For example, manufacturers can gain real-time visibility into their suppliers’ shop floor quality data before nonconforming product even ships. This enhanced level of supplier monitoring can eliminate acceptance sampling and reduce inventories resulting in additional cost savings.

Deep experience to meet any compliance requirement

InfinityQS provides built-in functionality that helps companies in any sector comply with their particular industry and customer standards for quality, consistency, and security. Our robust solutions can stand up to third-party audits.

Lot Genealogy reports provide a complete view of the incoming/outgoing product relationship complete with statistical summary information.
InfinityQS’s Lot Genealogy and Reporting functionality enables suppliers and manufacturers to track raw materials or component lot codes throughout manufacturing operations. For investigation purposes, genealogical "trees" can be created for any lot. These reports allow you to determine:
  • Materials used in the production of a specific finished lot
  • Where incoming raw materials were consumed
  • Root causes of nonconforming lots
  • Information critical for responding to product recalls
  • Which final lots were created from incoming lots
Dynamic Scheduler
You can incorporate work instruction requirements at the production floor level, providing automatic data collection prompts to operators. InfinityQS’s real-time Dynamic Scheduler offers a visual checklist to operators, reminding them when to perform critical quality checks.

You can specify unique, time-based intervals based on the product, process, or even the workstation. Windows automatically pop up, clearly identifying when data collections are due. If a failure is detected or if no data is collected, ProFicient can automatically send notifications, email administrators, or even force users to specify assignable cause codes and corrective actions. Watch the video.
Audits are easier with instant access to quality records and electronic documentation needed to demonstrate compliance. Our robust solutions can stand up to third-party or internal audits for Quality Management Systems (QMS). Creating reports takes only minutes instead of hours or days, eliminating the need for spreadsheets.
InfinityQS solutions boast built-in checklist and workflow alerting features needed to comply with Quality Management System SPC requirements for key product characteristics, Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) and Critical Process Parameters (CPP).
InfinityQS also offers Audit Trail Logging, which provides a history of all changes made to any database record including sample data, limits, and alarm rules. It also features Special Reporting Options that include Change History, Metadata, Specification, and Control Limit outputs.
The strict access control features support requirements for electronic signatures including Password Aging, Recycling, Lockouts, Length, and Encryption. The Security Violation Logs track and report security violations by individual users and their locations. Access Logs track individual user access into and out of applications.
When enabled, Database Auditing provides full traceability for any modification, edit, or change to any database record. Traceability records are easily viewed in a variety of ways, but they cannot be edited. Whenever a record modification or deletion is attempted, the “Reason for Change” tracking feature forces users to select a reason for the modification from a drop-down list. Additionally, free-form comments are required. When specified, a Change History and Reason for Change Report can accompany any chart printout.
Manufacturers in a variety of industries must also comply with filling requirements for Net Content (weight) Control. The Net Content Control feature supports both the US Department of Commerce Maximum Allowable Variation (MAV) and European Union Tolerable Negative Error (TNE) and T1/T2 requirements, plus related Net Content Control reporting to support the needs of global manufacturers.
Many InfinityQS users see fast ROIs based solely on reduced “giveaway” or overfilling of product using the Net Content Control functionality.

Consider the Advantages of the Cloud with Dedicated ProFicient on Demand 

InfinityQS’s powerful cloud-based quality solution Dedicated ProFicient on Demand (PoD) provides real-time data analysis and decision making while lowering ownership costs. 

Manufacturers in regulated industries and those that require direct control over software access and features can have all the advantages of the cloud—in a private, unshared environment—with a Dedicated PoD subscription. 

Learn more about the value of a ProFicient on Demand dedicated subscription. 

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