Quality Control in Packaging

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Packaging Quality Control

Packaging manufacturers making cans, jars, plastic bottles and containers, closures, folding cartons, and more for medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, and other consumer and industrial goods face increasing global competition. 

Packaging quality managers rely on InfinityQS SPC solutions to gain visibility within and across plants, often around the globe, to ensure consistency and quality control in the packaging production process. Continuous quality checks and process improvements keep them cost-competitive and improve the bottom line.

Packaging manufacturers also face the following quality control challenges:

  • Frequently changing customer requirements such as increased shelf life, convenience features, high quality graphics, and new shapes and sizes
  • Demand for sustainable and lower basis-weight materials
  • Increasing cost of raw materials
  • Geographically dispersed production facilities as mergers and acquisitions continue


Quality Control in Packaging for Manufacturing

Packaging quality managers rely on InfinityQS® Statistical Process Control (SPC) software to gain visibility within and across plants, often on a global basis, to ensure consistent product quality and make continuous process improvements that improve the bottom line.

Delivering continuous improvements

Demand for sustainable packaging and internal cost reduction efforts are resulting in “down-gauging” materials. These thinner and lighter-weight packaging materials leave little room for production errors during blow molding, injection molding, can drawing, or other package-forming processes. Packaging quality control managers need to proactively prevent defects and scrap, reduce product changeover time and waste, and increase production efficiency by monitoring processes in real time.


InfinityQS SPC software provides real-time automated shop-floor data collection and analysis to meet these needs and deliver:
  • More efficient product changeovers with less waste
  • Actionable data that drives proactive improvements early in production processes
  • Less process variability for more consistent products
  • Significantly reduced scrap rates

Increased visibility

Whether you have a single packaging production facility or packaging plants across the globe, you need real-time and accurate quality data that is visible from the production floor to the corner office to:

  • Prioritize improvement efforts
  • Compare production-line capability
  • Ensure product consistency
  • Reduce costs
Real-Time SPC Data Provides Increased Visibility

Key capabilities

InfinityQS SPC software provides these capabilities, and our cloud-based solutions make it quick and easy to get all production facilities, including those acquired over the years, on a single, enterprise-wide solution without losing historical data from legacy systems. And user-configurable language settings make it easy to deploy within and across multi-language plants.

Packaging manufacturers using InfinityQS SPC solutions typically see significant improvements in:
  • Production capabilities: Real-time quality data collection and analysis enables timely process improvements.
  • Product consistency: Within and across plants, real-time monitoring of resin parameters, thickness, weight, resistivity, uniformity, vision system data, and other factors reduces scrapped product.
  • Traceability: Easily track and trace FDA regulated packaging (Medical & Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage), reducing recall time and costs.
InfinityQS ProFicient SPC Software Key Capabilities
It is less expensive to throw away any non-conformities upstream when they are discovered prior to being used in the vial converting process.
We invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement the latest technology for vision systems and shop floor SPC to meet customers’ new product requirements. The investment completes the vertical integration of technology required to control the entire manufacturing process.
The new system provides real-time results at the point of manufacture, beginning with the tube drawing operation and continuing through the vial converting and packaging processes. The manufacturing data is analyzed in real time with the appropriate statistical methods to provide a picture of what we are making in production of a batch or production lot.
When we tested the software against our previous SPC provider, InfinityQS stood out as a solution that provided full capabilities to production processes analysis as well as the scalability to expand with our global needs. We were looking for a solution that met our high-level of quality requirements and InfinityQS software met our expectations.

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