Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence Delivers 100% 
Visibility to Improve Quality Across Operations

Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) unifies real-time manufacturing product and process data from multiple sources into one repository: the quality hub. From this central data store, reporting, analysis, visual summaries, and data synchronization enables a quality—and business—transformation across the enterprise. Intelligence management software empowers enterprises to take full control over their data.

Enterprise Manufacturing Software

Big data is no longer a problem thanks to InfinityQS® solutions with industry-leading enterprise manufacturing software. Product and process datasets from batch, discrete, and continuous environments are typically too large to easily manage effectively. But by changing the way you gather, store, and work with this data, you can drive proactive and strategic decision making—and ultimately improve the quality, consistency, and cost of produced goods.

See how best-in-class companies are currently benefiting from manufacturing intelligence and intelligence management software:

General Cable
 drives lean Six Sigma strategies and uses analytics to prioritize green and black belt projects.

 attains global, real-time visibility throughout supplier operations in China.

Snak King
 reduces variability and product overfill, increasing customer satisfaction and lowering production costs.

With manufacturing intelligence, manufacturers will:

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