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B.K. Im
By B.K. Im | May 23, 2018
Vice President and CFO
Gazing up at the stars recently, I was struck by how much I could see with the naked eye—the clear, bright moon, the swath of stars, bright Mars (I think), the twinkling North Star, etc. But it also got me to thinking about how little I could see compared to when I use my telescope. It is then that the night sky really opens up to me. I can clearly see Jupiter, the moons around Saturn, the Andromeda galaxy, and more. I’m transfixed. Truly amazing.
See deeper into your data with Enact 
It’s incredible to think about how the advanced technology available today—the Hubble space telescope jumps to mind—makes the old technology (like my telescope) just seem so…outdated, less useful…I don’t know, passé. The Hubble brings clarity to the far reaches of space, far beyond what I can see with my little refracting telescope. The Hubble is awe inspiring and cool technology. And it’s gotten our scientists thinking far beyond what they used to—they seem to get closer every day to figuring out the origins of the universe. Think of it: we can see galaxies that formed billions of years ago. It’s mind bending.  
Manufacturing quality software has moved into the future 

Time to Get on Board with Manufacturing Quality Advancements

Now take that same thought process, that lens if you will, and apply it to modern manufacturing quality:
  • The naked eye = just manufacturing something; no quality checks. Just make it and ship it.
  • Galileo’s telescope, the first of its kind = paper and pencil and spreadsheets—the first attempt at measuring and controlling manufacturing quality.
  • Then there’s the Hubble space telescope. It’s bigger than a school bus and orbits about 340 miles above the Earth, and as I mentioned above, it’s helped our scientists think about our universe like never before. Hubble = Enact®, the quality intelligence platform from InfinityQS.
Using Enact, manufacturers can see farther, wider, and deeper into the data they collect, and therein locate the improvements they need to make in their processes and products in order to compete in today’s quickly changing marketplace.
Manufacturers have been using the same tools—paper and pencil—for ages. They’re so outdated it’s not even funny. Meanwhile, manufacturing quality software has moved into the future, and the new technology is exciting (and, in the case of Enact, surprisingly easy to deploy and use).
Those who do adopt new technologies quickly see the myriad ways in which they can improve their manufacturing quality; those who are still using paper and pencil and spreadsheets (not adopting new technologies) get stuck with the equivalent of Galileo’s old telescope… it worked fine way back when, and certainly was an improvement over the naked eye, but it’s since been outpaced by modern telescopes—and left in the proverbial dust.
SaaS enables you to see all your data rolled up 

The Enact Quality Intelligence Platform is the Hubble Space Telescope of Manufacturing Quality

There’s only one Hubble—and there’s only one Enact. Enact is the technology that manufacturing organizations have been demanding, to better compete in today’s environment. Enact enables manufacturers to see across plants, production lines, even the enterprise, to peer into the supply chain, and quickly improve quality—in so many ways and in so many places.
Enact is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for manufacturers who are ready to gaze deeper into their data than ever before—like the Hubble space telescope peering into the heavens. Enact is a visually-based quality intelligence tool that makes statistical process control (SPC) easy. It’s simple to configure, deploy, and use, and gives manufacturers a way to quickly view aggregated data and unearth opportunities for improvement.
Enact brings all your data together
We all know that real-time analysis on the shop floor is key for manufacturers to head off issues before products get sent to the customer. Enact keeps operators informed up-to-the-minute with handy alerts, notifications of timed data collections, and easy-to-read graphical representations of how processes are functioning. With the power of Enact in your hands, there’s no limit to the number of improvements you can make to your operations.  
But there’s more: we all know that aggregated data (which has been a top request by manufacturers for a long time now) is the key to locating needed product and process improvements. Enact takes the data you already collect, stores it in one place, and—using time-tested and robust analysis tools—enables you to see the drifts and movement of your data, visualizing process behavior over time. Enact is a powerful tool that provides clear insight and actionable information, much like the Hubble space telescope.

Step into the Future with Enact

Enact is the quality control tool for which the industry has been clamoring. For years, InfinityQS heard the cries loud and clear: We need visibility across the enterprise! We need aggregated data! We need to be able to keep our eyes on the supply chain! When Enact was launched, we at InfinityQS specifically addressed these needs. Enact offers you a Hubble-sized view into your data: farther, wider, and deeper (almost to infinity!), where issues can easily be spotted and improvements can quickly be strategized.

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