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Discover the InfinityQS ProFicient software solution.

Uncover the features of ProFicient Software

InfinityQS® ProFicient is a proven Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solution that delivers Manufacturing Intelligence to improve quality, decrease costs, and help manufacturers make smarter business decisions. The software includes an extensive set of features that help you take control of quality at each point of the manufacturing process.

Uncover the features of ProFicient by InfinityQS

InfinityQS ProFicient Unified Data Repository
Whether you maintain a single department at one location or run production across multiple, disparate sites, the ProFicient Unified Data Repository processes and efficiently manages your quality data from one centralized, standardized data hub.
  • Simplify maintenance of your data repository.
  • Get faster, easier access to all your quality-related data.
  • Save time and resources, especially IT resources.
  • Improve analytics and reporting.
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InfinityQS ProFicient Data Collection & Integration
Simplify data collection and seamlessly integrate with manufacturing floor software and equipment. Operator-friendly user interfaces are fully customizable, intuitive, and highly visual.
  • Eliminate complexity from deployment and operation.
  • Get the big picture of operations.
  • Integrate easily with existing infrastructure.
  • Automate and expand data collection.
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InfinityQS ProFicient Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis
Gain real-time visibility of quality data via ProFicient charts, reports, and dashboards. Enable staff to proactively control processes and stay in front of any quality-related problems.
  • Improve understanding through statistical charts and visualizations.
  • Tailor views according to role or purpose.
  • Keep key stakeholders in the know.
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InfinityQS ProFicient Workflow Management
Increase team efficiency through automated workflows—reminders, timers and alerts—and create a standardized approach to collecting key data across the enterprise.
  • Improve reliability of data collection.
  • Automate workflows to increase efficiency.
  • Use reminders, timers, and notifications to maintain compliance.
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InfinityQS ProFicient Advanced Reporting Suite
Generate and distribute reports “on-the-fly” to provide Manufacturing Intelligence and process control, meet Lean or Six Sigma requirements, and continually improve quality.
  • Monitor quality across the enterprise.
  • Quickly create customized reports, where and when you need them.
  • Provide role-based visibility into all aspects of production quality.
  • Promote continuous improvement and strategic decision making.
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Explore ProFicient, the #1 Ranked SPC Software Platform

ProFicient is the most trusted and powerful real-time quality control and SPC software on the market, and the flagship of the InfinityQS International line of products. Once you've watched the overview contact one of our experts to setup a live demo or register for a free trial.


Explore all the InfinityQS products

Just as your various manufacturing lines work in tandem to create quality products, the full line of InfinityQS products work both on their own and with ProFicient SPC software to create a complete, comprehensive Manufacturing Intelligence solution. Learn more about our other products.


InfinityQS offers expert support for facilities that have multiple data collection needs, hybrid environments, and legacy systems in place. Take a look at our highly flexible and convenient solutions.

Support Your Connected Plant

Flexible and dynamic options allow you to fully automate data collection or combine automated and manual data collection to optimize both equipment and manpower in your existing environment.

InfinityQS Supports your connected plant

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Wireless Solutions

Our wireless gauging products are designed specifically for industrial and manufacturing environments and work with a wide variety of gauges.
Wireless solutions by InfinityQS


Hard-Wired Solutions

Multiple-channel electronic gauge interfaces, or gauge multiplexers, allow you to connect multiple gauging devices to a single serial communication port on your computer.

Hard-wired solutions by InfinityQS


Solution Sizes Supported

Enterprise Solutions

InfinityQS Enterprise Solutions are for organizations with multiple manufacturing sites where quality is centrally managed or large-scale, strategic deployments are necessary. Our solutions for enterprise-class manufacturers feature real-time shop-floor visibility, unified data storage and management, and multiple-plant comparison capability. In addition, Enterprise Solutions can be integrated with other manufacturing systems.


Multiple-Site Solutions

InfinityQS Multiple-Site Solutions are for organizations with multiple manufacturing sites where each site manages its own quality initiatives. Our solutions for manufacturers with multiple sites harness real-time shop-floor visibility, deliver sophisticated reporting, and can be replicated and deployed across other facilities.


Single-Site Solutions

InfinityQS Single-Site Solutions are for organizations with simple or complex manufacturing environments that are housed within a single manufacturing facility. Our solutions for manufacturers with single sites are shop-floor centric and can be integrated throughout the facility.


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