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ProFicient Software from InfinityQS delivers more than real-time Quality Management.

ProFicient, the leading real-time Quality Management solution, goes beyond typical site-based quality applications by offering an enterprise-ready architecture. Our Unified Data Repository brings together all of your quality and process data so InfinityQS® can deliver Manufacturing Intelligence to all types of workers across the enterprise, helping decrease costs, and enabling better operational business decisions. Many of the world’s leading manufacturers standardize on ProFicient because it combines powerful data collection and analysis features with automated functionality to provide a comprehensive Quality Management solution for any organization.

Features of the ProFicient On Demand solution

Provide real-time visibility across multiple sites

ProFicient On Demand (POD) is a scalable solution that can be deployed at a single site or across an entire enterprise and global supply network. With POD, sites can share data and conduct comparative analyses to determine which plants are performing at the highest levels and ensure consistent quality. The system can also be pushed out to suppliers, giving you real-time visibility of their manufacturing processes.
Visibility is available from anywhere. The system works over any internet connection, even over wireless provider connections. All data can be analyzed together, regardless of site-to-site differences in implementation history. InfinityQS hosts the system in a secure, reliable data center, ensuring the safety of your data, and provides 24/7 support of system availability.
Rapid Deployment
Get up and running fast
With POD, all you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go—no servers are required. You can even run POD wirelessly from your favorite mobile device. There are no lengthy installations on each computer—just a simple plug-in. You get an efficient cost structure (a low upfront investment, with prices based on usage) and easy scalability to accommodate growing needs.
Minimal IT Support
Minimize the burden on IT
POD eases the burden on your IT department. InfinityQS manages the system, including database backups and software updates, so your IT department is free to focus its time and energy on other priorities.  InfinityQS hosts the system in a secure and reliable data center, providing 24/7 system availability.
Real-Time Insight
Compare multiple sites
Our single enterprise quality data repository promotes easy access to comparative quality metrics. Your team will be empowered with real-time quality performance insight, improving business decisions. Performing site-to-site comparisons is not only easy, it can be done from anywhere, anytime—from a PC, mobile device, laptop, or tablet. Corporate quality or continuous improvement personnel can view and compare data from all sites with just one simple interface, and all data can be analyzed together, regardless of site-to-site differences in implementation history.
Supplier Visibility
View supplier quality data
POD provides real-time statistical analysis and visibility of quality data while products are still at the supplier's facility. Using this system, you save the time and expense of dealing with defective products. Your quality department is now empowered to identify issues with suppliers’ material before it ever leaves their plants. You can even access supplier data; suppliers can enter data into a website or you can purchase POD on behalf of your suppliers (or defer the cost to them).

ProFicient features - Manufacturing Software Solutions

Learn how the features in ProFicient work together to spread Manufacturing Intelligence across the enterprise.
Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Improve your processes and your product quality

ProFicient provides a comprehensive array of SPC tools so you can better understand the performance and capability of your vital manufacturing processes. Regardless of your industry and the products you produce, ProFicient can provide your operators, engineers, quality team, and managers with the detailed, real-time SPC data they need to assess current operations and take appropriate remedial action to maintain product quality, avoid costly scrap, and meet production goals.
Data Collection and Integration

Data Collection and Integration

Provide the critical link between shop floor and executive suite

ProFicient offers a fully customizable, intuitive, and highly visual data collection interface tailored to the needs of plant floor operators and technicians. Users of ProFicient can choose manual data collection, semi-automatic data collection, or fully automated data collection. Our suite of data connectors and data-exchange processes enable the collection and integration of quality and process data from virtually any data-collection point or system, including various plant databases, from corporate sites, suppliers, and more—regardless of geographic location. Mobile workers can even collect data using their favorite mobile device.
Control Chart Dashboard

Monitoring and Analysis

Identify and resolve quality problems in real time

ProFicient, the leader in manufacturing software solutions, provides the ability to produce charts, dashboards, and reports that immediately update when data is collected. Take advantage of a wide variety of reports and statistical analyses and more than 300 types of control charts to support long- and short-run applications and displays for both attributes and variables data.
The InfinityQS Quality Event Dashboard and Control Chart Dashboard provide highly graphical, interactive data displays ideal for managers and decision makers so, at a glance, they can gain an understanding of current manufacturing performance.
Operator entered Assignable Cause Codes (ACCS) and Corrective Action Codes (CACs) can be aggregated and presented in multi-level charts so problems can be quickly identified and prioritized.
If quality falls outside of configured parameters, ProFicient can generate process events, save them to the Unified Data Repository, and notify anyone you choose, wherever they are.

Workflow Management

Optimize operations

Operators are busy, so InfinityQS offers InfinityQS Dynamic Scheduler to provide operators with a timed checklist for scheduled quality checks. The system automatically reminds operators when regular data collections are due. If a statistical rule is violated or data falls outside of the defined specification limits automated emails or text messages (SMS) can be sent to supervisors and quality personnel.
When process issues arise, Dynamic Scheduler can dynamically alter data collection schedules to ensure that the right data is available when needed to troubleshoot a process efficiently.
The system can also automatically trigger responses from third-party machine controllers, user-specified files, or applications.

Advanced Reporting

Continuously improve performance through Manufacturing Intelligence

With just a few clicks, users can design and customize multiple charts, graphs, or reports for specific Quality Management needs or for other parts of the organization. Robust analytical tools enable users to slice and dice quality data across many dimensions, including line, product, geographic region, supplier, and more. ProFicient InSight is a dynamic, web-based portal that works with the ProFicient platform to deliver a dashboard view of key performance indicators and quality metrics (including OEE) to any location. You can access the information through any browser—whether on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Unified Data Repository

Centralize Quality Management

ProFicient stores your quality data in a highly normalized relational database. Users can navigate and quickly choose the data that is most relevant to their analysis. Our powerful statistical engine can process and efficiently manage data from any number of sources. Plus, InfinityQS takes a simplified approach to database setup and maintenance, so any change—such as a part number alteration—needs to be entered only once for a global update.

See ProFicient in action

ProFicient, the most trusted and powerful real-time quality control, SPC software and manufacturing software solution on the market, and the flagship of the InfinityQS International line of products.

Deploying ProFicient

The choice is yours: leverage your local resources, host in the cloud, or take a hybrid approach.

ProFicient On Premises

ProFicient operates on-premises as a standard, locally installed, per-license deployment. Host ProFicient at your location, on your hardware, behind your firewall. Your resources control administration of software and servers. Your IT staff manages all application installation and updates. 

Find the Right Option For You

  • Maintain software on own servers and hardware
  • Combine if needed with ProFicient On Demand for hybrid approach
  • Greater control over administration of software and servers
  • IT staff manages application installation and updates
  • Application resides behind your own firewall within your own infrastructure

Technical Considerations

  • IT personnel requirements
  • Investments in server/storage infrastructure
  • Corporate IT investment strategy
  • Availability of IT resources
  • Capital expenditure budget line item
  • Support and maintenance via yearly AMA.
  • Can be moved to On Demand at any time

ProFicient On Demand

Leaner budgets, overwhelmed IT departments, and more demanding customers are forcing companies to seek ever-higher value from their quality systems. See how POD provides a solution through cloud-hosted quality systems.

Find the Right Option For You

  • Fast-track deployment
  • Scalable
  • Supplier friendly for data collection
  • Combine if needed with ProFicient On Premises for hybrid approach
  • No database servers required
  • Minimizes IT burden
  • Automatic, seamless updates/upgrades
  • Low initial investment
  • 24/7 support of system availability
  • Third-party provided, network-secure, and reliably available environment

Technical Considerations

  • Corporate IT investment strategy
  • Comfort with software as a service (SaaS)
  • Reoccurring fee
  • Support and maintenance included
  • Can be moved to On Premises at any time

ProFicient 5.2 – What’s New

ProFicient 5.2 further boosts the flexibility of the leading real-time quality and Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) platform with enhancements to usability and functionality. InSight, ProFicient’s web-based analytics portal, has been enhanced visually and functionally to allow for an even better user experience. The platform’s cloud-based reporting feature now has more choices for creating and customizing reports, including new templates. This functionality allows users to recreate reports that they are already providing to management or customers within the system.

ProFicient 5.2 Acceptance Sampling

Acceptance Sampling in ProFicient 5.2 can be easily incorporated into quality programs, regardless of the plans and standards that are in place. Across industries and organizations, manufacturers have implemented a wide variety of acceptance sampling plans to comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. To meet the needs of all manufacturers, ProFicient 5.2 offers the flexibility to choose lot acceptance sampling functionality based on:

  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) / American Society for Quality (ASQ) Z1.4 and Z1.9
  • Lot Tolerance Percent Defective (LTPD)
  • Zero Acceptance Number Sampling Plans (C=0)
  • A custom plan developed through previously defined, accepted procedures

In addition, with ProFicient InSight, ProFicient 5.2 Acceptance Sampling delivers more than the standard pass/fail, good/bad designation of most systems. The intelligence derived from the data through in-depth comparative analyses from one lot, manufacturer or supplier to another, can produce reports that identify differences or discrepancies in how components are produced. Addressing these variations helps to improve efficiency and quality, while reducing the number of defects.

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