The Modern Assembly Line and Quality Management Process: 100 Years Later

Henry Ford introduced the modern assembly line more than 100 years ago. His processes, optimized for his time, forever changed history and manufacturing. By creating systems that used interchangeable parts and time-efficient processes, Ford perfected a manufacturing process that eventually sold 15 million Ford Model Ts and made the automobile central to American culture.

Quality Manufacturing Process = Quality Products in the modern assembly line.In modern global manufacturing organizations, the modern assembly line is still the main focus for operations and continuous improvement. Ford’s process has withstood the test of time and is still efficient—but it’s not done evolving yet.

Quality Manufacturing Process = Quality Products 

Your manufacturing customers’ executives still face numerous challenges as they work to optimize the assembly line. Many of these problems center on the speed and accuracy of production. 

Your customers’ manufacturing facilities need to create quality products, and they need to do so in a time- and cost-efficient manner. To keep the quality manufacturing process strong, executives must constantly innovate to reduce waste, speed up automated processes, and ensure that enterprise quality management remains unhindered. 

With the cost of poor quality so high, your customers have much to gain by investing in, and prioritizing, quality in their assembly lines.

Statistical Process Control Software (SPC Software) Meets Modern Needs 

The ability to receive real-time insights into automated processes is a hallmark of effective, modern enterprise quality management. Manufacturers can’t afford to discover that the quality does not conform to expected standards after a product is packaged and sent out. 

By using statistical process control (SPC) software, assembly line processes can be adjusted in real time, as soon as product variation is detected, preventing future recalls, customer complaints, and other unforeseen issues in the field.

Today’s assembly lines also require technology to meet the demands of an ever-growing mobile workforce. Your customers’ executives are constantly on the go and need access to real-time data—no matter where they are. Whether they are at a conference in Beijing or a manufacturing facility in Chicago, there is no time for latency when it comes to receiving feedback from a particular production line or from facilities across the enterprise. 

Cloud-native SPC software gives your customers access to streamlined information directly in mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and more. Now, they can take action on important decisions using quality metrics in real time.

In addition to seeing information instantly, your customers also need to know they can rely on the information they are getting from those data. It’s not enough for machines to simply measure processes and collect metrics. The quality of data gathered is more valuable than the quantity. Metrics don’t have any value unless they are usable by manufacturers. 

Today’s assembly line requires software that can collect quality data and transform it into usable information, ensuring product quality during an automated process—instead of revealing issues after the product is done.

Quality Intelligence for Enterprise Quality Management 

Quality Intelligence software enables your customers to easily generate usable information that can lead to company-wide transformation. By unifying and analyzing real-time data, collected from multiple sources across the organization—and stored in a centralized data repository—your customers can benefit from greater real-time visibility across assembly lines, enterprise wide. Now, they can make truly informed decisions about their product quality and processes. 

Henry Ford’s assembly line used innovation to drive chance in the global manufacturing industry. If players in the manufacturing industry want to remain a competitive force over the next century, their success will depend heavily on the ability to innovate. Quality management innovation can support the industry—and perhaps more important, your customers’ overall sustainability—by preventing errors, improving processes, reducing waste, and offering a competitive edge in the industry.

For more information on how InfinityQS software can provide quality innovation throughout all of your customers’ manufacturing facilities, please visit our Solutions pages. Or, to learn more about how quality intelligence solutions can transform quality manufacturing processes, please read the InfinityQS white paper "Enact: The Future of Quality."

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