Help Your Manufacturing Customers Reap the Benefits of SPC Data-Driven Insights

Manufacturing operations have always collected data. Whether an operator is writing data on a clipboard or an Hit the target with the benefits of SPC data driven insightsautomated data stream is pulling from a measuring device on the shop floor, collecting data has never been an issue. 

The problem is—and has always been—getting the right information to the people who need it to do their jobs. InfinityQS® Enact® dashboards can help your manufacturing customers alleviate this problem.

Your Customers are Already Familiar with Dashboards

Dashboards are standard in modern management software, so your customers are undoubtedly familiar with them. Dashboards offer several benefits and features; they:
  • Present aggregated data, such as combined data from multiple sites or production lines
  • Provide the ability to drill down into data to view details or find the root cause of a problem
  • Are highly visual and easily personalized to display what matters to each individual user
  • Receive notifications and prompts to complete required actions

Using dashboards, your customers can easily interact with their Enact® system, open data collections, monitor event notifications and process states, and view data in different ways.

Enact Customizable SPC Data Dashboards 

Enact’s SPC dashboards deliver mobile access to targeted data, filtered by role so that users get just what they need when they need it. Each dashboard consists of customizable tiles that provide data at a glance and enable users to drill down into details.

Standardized dashboards promote consistent practices and standard operating procedures across the company. With everyone using the same tools to look at information from a centralized data repository, users with different roles can make consistent decisions to benefit product and process quality.

Enact offers three types of SPC dashboards:

Work dashboard. This dashboard requires zero configuration and contains the Notifications, Data Collection, Process State, and Finished Item tiles. Your customers can assign work dashboards to individual users.

SPC data work dashboard Enact by InfinityQS

Raw dashboard. This is a configurable dashboard of live data from which users can select, place, and size individual raw data tiles such as Data Summary, Compliance, Box and Whisker, Pareto, and more.

SPC data raw dashboard Enact by InfinityQS

Aggregated dashboard. Intended for long-term data analysis, this dashboard is also configurable and allows users to select, place, and size individual aggregated data tiles, such as Summary Table and Stream Statistics.

SPC data aggregated dashboard Enact by InfinityQS

Providing information targeted to specific users can transform the way people work. But the power of Enact dashboards lies in the fact that they are reusable. Your customers don’t need to build or configure a dashboard for every user and contingency. Instead, they can build a set of standard SPC dashboards with the tiles that a particular group of users requires, and then those users can customize it for their needs and job role.

Once they have a dashboard configured for their needs, Enact knows when to notify them that they need to perform a task or be aware of something—and leaves them alone when they don’t. 

With Enact dashboards, your customers can stop spending time digging for information and start using information to do their jobs better. It’s a win for everyone!

Give your customers the ability to uncover valuable data-driven insights by becoming an InfinityQS Enact® Channel Partner. Not only will this unlock a valuable source of direct sales commission revenue, but it will also boost your service portfolio. 

Learn more at InfinityQS’s Channel Partner opportunity page. 

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