Quality Management: Generate Additional Revenue by Helping Manufacturers Recognize the True Value of the Data They Already Have

In the coming years, the channel will play a crucial role in helping manufacturing organizations integrate analytical information technology across the shop floor. It’s no secret that, until now, investment by manufacturers at the shop-floor level has been limited to process and control technologies—such asImproving quality management and process controls with existing data automation, machinery, hardware, devices, and PLCs. This has all been very necessary, of course, but the unfortunate side effect of this one-dimensional focus is that investment in information technology on the shop floor has remained incredibly low and, for many manufacturers, almost non-existent. 

Things must change for manufacturing organizations to reach the next level of improvement and increased profits.

Quality Intelligence Is Key to Increasing Revenue

To take the necessary steps toward dramatically improving efficiency, production operations, and quality management, the manufacturing sector needs to recognize and make better use of the valuable data they already collect and store—data that often sits unused within their production environments.

As a result of this lack of investment in information technology on the shop floor, the industry is struggling to address the fundamental issues of cost, value, risk, and agility related to production processes. This is the unfortunate case, despite years of established programs like Lean and Six Sigma, which are now delivering diminished returns—that is, the “low hanging fruit” has been harvested. It’s time to move on.

Manufacturers must now turn their gaze to advanced shop-floor information technologies, including quality management, Quality Intelligence, and analytics, to boost performance and optimize manufacturing processes. They must look more closely at their shop-floor environments to see what insights can be gleaned from valuable real-time production data.

It may be tempting to think about cutting-edge trends like machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and cognitive automation—we continue to see more of these technologies in many other applications across the business landscape. But the shop floor is simply not ready for these yet. A critical component of the viability of these technologies is the widespread collection, aggregation, and storage of digital information (read Big Data and Industrial Internet of Things—IIoT). However, most production environments are simply not yet capable of truly utilizing these, and so investment would be futile. 

The future needs to be about building the foundations and getting the digital infrastructure in place. The channel can support this foundation. Trusted partners can help manufacturing organizations integrate analytical information technology across the shop floor. 

Often, it is the operational management of a manufacturing business that is leading or pushing digital information projects, and IT is largely acting as a facilitator or consultant to the process. Unlike their IT counterparts, operational management personnel have little experience working directly with IT vendors or with the IT industry at all. Because of this, operational management turns to their incumbent suppliers of industrial and automation services, who are trying to fill that need. 

This means that the vendors of manufacturing—especially shop-floor-oriented information technologies—increasingly find themselves working with clients via third parties, which in and of itself presents a massive future opportunity for the channel.

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