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About Predictive Analytical Resources Ltd.

Predictive Analytical Resources Limited (PARL) was established in 2010 with a vision of being  a premier business and analytics solutions and service  provider, serving the East, Central and Western Africa region.
SPSS East Africa Ltd founded in 1998 and operating as the regional franchisee office of the International Network of SPSS offices worldwide for Africa, new business opportunities under the IBM after IBM’s acquisition of SPSS Inc.  At this point we rebranded  to Predictive Analytical Resources Limited and for business continuity under PARL assumed responsibilities for sales and marketing, distribution and support of SPSS products among other Analytics in sub-Sahara Africa.
We have continued to evolve in the Analytics space by partnering with some of the leading international technology and thought leaders to bring the best of Industry Specific solutions and products to target the Banking and financial sectors, Insurance companies, government and parastatal organizations, NGOs, Private Sector and the Energy and Utilities organizations. 
Our business portfolio spans the broad spectrum of Analytics, that include products and solutions in Data management, Business Intelligence, Planning and Performance Management, Enterprise Risk Management Advanced Analytics and reporting, Fraud detection, credit scoring, quality assurance/assurance and digital applications.  We bring together technology, business process management, and analytical applications, that add value and provide our customers/prospects with a complete end to end performance solution.


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