The Enact Platform

Enact makes critical production data
actionable in real time.

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With automated digital data collection and advanced analytics, manufacturing teams are empowered to optimize quality, processes, and compliance.


Access the Information You Need Most —at the Center of Your Manufacturing Processes

The quality and process data you collect across your production operations is your best source of information about your most important operational metrics.

The Enact® quality platform delivers that critical information to the people who need it—where it matters most: at the heart of your business.
  • Enact captures and centralizes production data—and makes it actionable in real time.
  • Users see the information they need when they need it—from any web-enabled device—through role-based dashboards.
  • By streamlining data collection, notifications, workflows, and analytics, Enact ensures that teams can work efficiently and collaboratively.

Get the Benefits You Need Most—to Solve Your Biggest Challenges

Optimize Performance
Gain visibility into process capability and variations to reduce waste, scrap, and rework; improve yield and utilization; and make your plant-floor operations more efficient and productive.
Ensure Compliance
Gain confident control of internal and external specifications, policies, and regulations while improving traceability and simplifying audits.
Minimize Cost
Continually fine-tune manufacturing production operations to ensure a healthy and profitable organization.
Maximize Quality & Value
Deliver consistent and improved product quality, enhance sustainability, and increase responsiveness to changing business, market, and operational needs.
Mitigate Risk
Prioritize quality and process control to minimize downtime and reduce regulatory compliance risks, customer complaints and recalls while protecting brand equity.

Features That Support Your Production Teams

With Enact, plant-floor operators and compliance teams quickly understand what checks are due—and what actions to take. Operational improvement teams use visual analytics to identify problem areas—and prioritize solutions. And leadership teams can improve quality and yield—while reducing costs and risk.

Simplify Data Collection

In manufacturing, actionable data is essential for compliance, process optimization, and quality improvement. With Enact, you get faster, easier data collection—and more accurate, reliable data.
  • Reduce complexity with dashboards tailored for each user’s role, shift, and responsibilities.
  • Ensure accountability with automated reminders and scheduled and timed checks.
  • Flexibly support automatic, semi-automatic, and manual data collection.

Automate Monitoring & Notification

Enact makes it easy for plant-floor personnel to see operational data in real time so they can troubleshoot and resolve problems at lightning speed.
  • Monitor compliance through tracked notifications for timed data collections tailored for each user.
  • Send automated alerts and notifications of issues and variation to the right people, instantly.
  • Prioritize corrective actions through graphical views of data streams that require attention.
  • Ensure consistency by documenting events and the corrective actions you take with Assignable Cause Codes and Corrective Action Codes.

Get Clear Answers with
Smarter Analytics & Reporting

Flexible, configurable analytics dashboards enable operations and improvement teams to spot trends, analyze events, and drill into details. 
  • Display real-time and aggregated data from across operations.
  • Easily drill down into individual KPIs across products, processes, and sites.
  • Quickly understand critical information with visual analytics tools and SPC-powered charts.
  • Easily create standard and customized reports in minutes.
  • Respond to customer and auditor requests to prove compliance.

Ensure Uptime & Data Protection
with World-class Security

Enact takes full advantage of the Microsoft Azure environment and today's security best practices to offer a higly secure, real-time solution. Rest easier with:
  • High availability, enterprise-tier security, and reliable disaster recovery
  • Application security (access and system) and data security (database and data transport)
  • 24/7 system uptime and security monitoring
  • Built-in support for Single Sign-on (SSO)

Easy to start. Easy to expand.

Enact empowers you to quickly realize the benefits of digital data collection and analysis. Start today with:

  • Five Enact licenses: add more as needed
  • Quick Setup wizard: your guide to configuring data collections
  • Video tutorials and easy-to-use help: available in our Guided Learning Center
  • Flexible expansion: reconfigure your licenses, add licenses, integrate with other manufacturing systems, and move to automated data collection—at any time
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Expand Your Impact Over Time

Built for flexibility and scalability, Enact provides value for organizations of any size—in any industry. With integration across the production environment, and the ability to roll up and aggregate data across the enterprise, you gain a strategic view of your operations that you didn’t have before.
Automate Data Collection
Automated Data Collection (ADC) makes it easy to capture, combine, and compare your manufacturing data.

Add to Your Subscription
With our Software-as-a-Service licensing model, you can add licenses or scale back as needed—and pay only for what you use.

Accelerate Your Success
Work with InfinityQS-certified experts to speed deployment, enhance rollout, and maximize the value you get from Enact.

Integrate with Existing Systems
Leverage configurable integrations to maximize existing resources for data collection, reporting, and analytics.


Enact Meaningful Change

Built for easy scalability, Enact makes it easy to extend the power of real-time data across your organization to optimize quality and process control. See how these InfinityQS customers discovered the value in their quality and process data.

Strategic Materials
Enact provided Strategic Materials real-time data visibility across their recycling enterprise so they could maintain consistent quality data between plants.



Bakery On Main
Bakery On Main chose Enact because it allowed them to view data in real-time and address any out-of-specification processes immediately.



Electrical Device
This major electrical device manufacturer chose Enact by InfinityQS to maintain high quality across manufacturing plants and gain visibility into process capability and performance.



Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Winner

Enact is the cloud-native statistical process control (SPC) platform selected by Frost & Sullivan for Product Leadership. Whatever your industry, Enact can help you improve product quality control in production with reliable, real-time data. Enact's Unified Data Repository brings together and standardizes all your quality control and process data, helping decrease costs and enabling better, faster operations decisions.

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