Automated Data Collection

Gather all your critical quality and process data for enhanced, real-time decision-making.

Automated Data Collection (ADC) makes it easy to capture, combine, and compare your manufacturing data. The optional ADC uses the InfinityQS® Data Management System (DMS) and Data Collection Service (DCS) tools to automatically collect measurement values from hundreds of plant data sources—storing them directly in the Enact central data repository. Adding ADC to your Enact platform enables you to expand the range of plant processes you can monitor, as well as the types of data you can collect and analyze with Enact.
Data Management System (DMS)

With ADC, you can pair quality subgroup data with manufacturing information—such as part number, lot, and other characteristics—so you can gain a true understanding of how key process parameters affect product quality. Data from a wide range of plant data sources can flow automatically to your central data repository using ADC, reducing operator workload and improving data analysis.

Key Capabilities

The ADC option simplifies automated data collection for improved real-time monitoring and analysis.

Broad Data Connectivity
Collect quality data from multiple data sources
ADC uses the InfinityQS DMS and DCS tools to automatically capture and store quality data into the Enact platform. DMS reads measurement values from hundreds of data sources, including Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), checkweighers, databases, Ethernet and Serial Devices, PLCs (through OPC servers), and structured text files (including CSV). DCS stores this data into the Enact database which becomes instantly available to Enact users.

Configurable Data Sampling
Tailor data collection to match your processes 
Every process is different. ADC enables you to accurately sample process data streams, providing meaningful statistical analysis.

Include Operational Context for Better Analysis

Context improves troubleshooting
ADC can tap into manufacturing systems and collect information that adds context to quality subgroup data, making it much easier to understand and solve quality problems. Additional context can be added, including:

  • Part, process, and lot from a MES or ERP database
  • Process data, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, and so on

Data Centralization
Enable real-time decision making across the enterprise
The ability to gather and compare quality data from multiple sources is vital when it comes to making  real-time decisions and improving process initiatives. Use ADC at all of your sites to automatically feed quality and process data into your dedicated Enact central data repository. All your quality data will be stored in one highly secure and available location, greatly simplifying data analysis and reporting.

Only pay for what you use
Automated Data Collection is an optional service. To start using ADC, Enact users simply install the required InfinityQS Data Management System (DMS) and Data Collection Service (DCS) tools within their network. When ADC is used, all licenses in your Enact subscription are charged a nominal fee during the monthly billing period.

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