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With two free licenses and our Quick Setup, you’re ready to experience the power of Enact®. Enact software captures, centralizes, and analyzes critical production data—and makes it actionable in real time.
  • Users see the information they need—when they need it—through role-based dashboards
  • An intuitive interface streamlines data collection, notifications, workflows, and analytics
  • Easy-to-understand visual analytics help you quickly spot—and prioritize—improvement opportunities
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Make Consistent, Informed
Production Improvement Efforts

Our guided Quick Setup process helps you configure Enact to begin collecting manufacturing data digitally—and quickly gain the insight needed to make meaningful improvements.

1. Configure Enact Using Quick Setup

When you access Enact the first time, a Quick Setup wizard launches. This step-by-step wizard guides you through your first data collection configuration.

Once configured, Enact can help identify—and solve—your manufacturing quality, compliance, and production problems.

2. Collect Data using Intuitive Data Entry Screens 

Enact guides you through the data collection process, making it easy to see what to do—and when to do it. 

If a measurement is out of compliance, Enact notifies you in real time—so you can respond quickly.

3. Report & Analyze to Uncover Actionable Insights

Enact immediately serves you the data you need most via easy-to-understand dashboards and charts.

No more sifting through spreadsheets looking for variances. Now you can quickly and easily identify opportunities for meaningful improvement.

4. Optimize & Grow Your Impact with Guided Learning

Expand your learning via the video tutorials and easy-to-use help in our Guided Learning Center. 

Learn how to expand your data collection, interpret results, and share insights with your team—and across your organization.

See How Quick Setup Works

Watch this short video to see how the Quick Setup wizard helps you get confident with Enact. Discover how to: 
  • Easily configure data collection
  • Start collecting data immediately
  • View and understand the data you’re collecting

Extend the Power of Real-time Data Across Your Organization

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Enact, the sky’s the limit. Want to
  • Improve a multi-step process? 
  • Monitor several processes?
  • Collect data from multiple devices?
  • Compare data from across plants?
You can reconfigure your existing licenses, add licenses, and even move to automated data collection at any time.

Optimize Your Performance. Grow Your Impact.

Enact puts you in the driver’s seat. Sign up now for your FREE Enact subscription.
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