World-class Security

Enact takes full advantage of the Microsoft Azure environment and today’s best security best practices to offer a highly secure real-time quality monitoring solution. Enact provides application security (access and system) and data security (database and data transport).

Enact also leverages Microsoft Azure to deliver high availability and disaster recovery. The Enact Operations team monitors and maintains the system 24/7 to ensure system uptime and system security.

InfinityQS is committed to ensuring that Enact is highly available—even in the event of hardware failure or disasters (natural or man-made).



Enact users can log in using their existing corporate login credentials via Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO is favored by many corporate IT departments as a way to standardize login processes across multiple software applications.

Benefits of SSO include:

  • Streamlines Password Management & Login Activities 
  • Enhances IT Control
  • Reduces Cybersecurity Risks 
  • Enables Convenient & Efficient User Access
  • Supports Multiple Identity Provider Systems

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