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Corporate Dashboards 

Enact® quality performance dashboards provide a versatile interface for you to interact with your real time manufacturing data. Designed to be modular and reusable, digital dashboards are customizable containers for a variety of graphical tiles. Sharing a common set of dashboards and parameter sets can help you maintain simplicity and standardize reporting across your manufacturing operations and enterprise. 

Corporate performance dashboards enable you to view, enter, and analyze data in real time, from any location. Watch this virtual tour demo to see a sample corporate overview dashboard in action. 

  • Learn how to use parameter sets to customize your dashboard. 
  • See how the Site Summary tile helps you quickly identify areas of concern. 
  • Use the Stream Analysis table to drill down into the specifics. 

Note: If you haven’t watched the first two videos in this virtual tour, Welcome to Enact and Grading Methodology, we recommend doing so before watching this demo. You’ll need to understand the concepts introduced in those videos to get the most out of this tour section.

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Enact dashboards can help you maintain system simplicity, even while powering up your analysis capabilities. Continue following our virtual tour to see more dashboards in action.


The most appealing aspect of Enact for quality inspectors and managers is that all the collected data goes to one place, so it’s easy for the software to fetch that data for them.” —Natalia Ochoa, Infinity

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