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Data Collection in Enact 

Data entry can be a landmine for manufacturers who don’t have automated collection. That’s why Enact® simplifies the task.

Many manufacturers support a variety of data collection methods: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. Enact supports data capture from scales, calipers, gauges, and more. And manual operator data entry is quick, simple, and flexible. Type in data on a keyboard, use the touchscreen, or scan a barcode.  

With Enact, you get a faster, easier entry process—and more accurate, reliable data. Watch this virtual tour demo to see how it works. 

  • See how the Data Collection screen improves clarity and provides multilingual support. 
  • Enjoy flexible entry options, for a more consistent process no matter how you gather data. 
  • Learn how the Work dashboard provides instant scalability. 

Note: If you haven’t watched the first two videos in this virtual tour, Welcome to Enact and Grading Methodology, we recommend doing so before watching this demo. You’ll need to understand the concepts introduced in those videos to get the most out of this tour section.

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No matter how data is collected, it then resides in Enact’s central data repository, making aggregation and analysis easy later on. Automatic collections are supported through the InfinityQS Automated Data Collection service (ADC). Want to see the difference these capabilities could make for your operations? Contact us to get started risk-free.  


You can read the data rather than having to decipher the writing of 150 different people. The data is at your fingertips.” —Julie Chapman, Nestlé Waters

Learn More About Enact Data Collection 

Ready to learn more about the way data collection works? These resources will help you get started. 

How Does Enact Work with Existing Data Collection Devices? 

If you’ve already sunk money into data collection devices, you can use what you’ve got. Enact will plug into that environment. 


Automated Data Collection service (ADC) 
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