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Enact Software Licensing

You need flexible software licensing methods so that you can scale quickly, without spending money on licenses you aren’t currently using. Today’s manufacturers also need the ability to support both mobile access and multiple users per workstation. Licensing features in Enact® help you get the most out of your investment, according to the needs of your dynamic work environment:

  • Assign licenses to individual users or to specific workstations.
  • Easily modify total license count to suit your current business needs.

Your Enact administrators can adjust license counts at any time to meet the demands of corporate expansions, seasonal production adjustments, and more. Billing is adjusted automatically. Watch this video to find out more about Enact licensing.

Note: If you haven’t watched the first two videos in this virtual tour, Welcome to Enact and Grading Methodology, we recommend doing so before watching this demo. You’ll need to understand the concepts introduced in those videos to get the most out of this tour section.

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