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Discover why Frost & Sullivan named InfinityQS® Enact®Product Leadership winner. This unique, innovative SaaS quality intelligence solution can help you ramp up your real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) efforts.  

Enact is a cost-effective real-time SPC solution for manufacturers of all sizes. Reduce costs, waste, and risk—and get scalability and flexibility that today’s Industry 4.0 environments demand. It all begins with a simple yet elegant concept: process models and part recipes that you can use to gain strategic insight into your operational quality. 

Process Models and Part Recipes

  • Enact process models enable you to define data collections at various process flow points. 
  • Process models consist of inputs, operations, and outputs. 
  • Use process models with part recipes—specific sets of inputs and outputs—to gain comprehensive visibility into your operations. 

Want to see how it all comes together? Watch the demos in this virtual tour to see how our fictional example, Cheery Chips, uses Enact to implement effective SPC analysis and process improvement. The first step: monitoring the quality of the processes involved in producing multiple products across multiple lines and sites. 

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Enact provides real-time SPC intelligence in the cloud, so you can quickly, easily, and affordably reduce costs, increase profitability, and enhance the reputation of your brand. See how Enact’s most powerful features help you transform the way you view your quality control data—then contact us to get started risk-free.  
“Enact represents the next generation of quality intelligence and we’re thrilled to have this as part of our portfolio.” —Marcus Sørensen, Storm - House of Six Sigma 

Learn More About Enact’s Process Models

Ready to learn more about the way process models and part recipes work in Enact? These resources will help you get started. 

Enable Collaboration with the Process Model 

In complex processes, no one person knows what happens in every operation. But a visual model can create an easy reference that incorporates the input of many experts.
Watch the video

Process Models: A Core Element 
Process models provide a visual representation of inputs and outputs—and the critical process steps where transformation happens.
Watch the video

Bring Your Process Data up to Speed 
Process models and part recipes help to improve the way you manage manufacturing operations. Get the whitepaper


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