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Operator Dashboards 

Shop floor operators need an unswerving focus on real-time operations. That’s why Enact® provides tiles that help them monitor their areas of responsibility—and cut out all the extraneous noise that can result from today’s manufacturing environments and the world of big data.  

Enact makes it easy for shop floor operators to monitor specific areas, so you can keep operations running smoothly. In this virtual tour video, learn how an operator-centric dashboard can provide the critical information they need—no data overload, no distractions. 

  • Quickly review only relevant collections with the Data Collection tile. 
  • Use the Notifications tile to stay alert to any rule violations and timed data collections. 
  • Get a prioritized view of the data streams that need your attention with the Stream Summary tile. 

Note: If you haven’t watched the first two videos in this virtual tour, Welcome to Enact and Grading Methodology, we recommend doing so before watching this demo. You’ll need to understand the concepts introduced in those videos to get the most out of this tour section.

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Enact’s cloud-based, real-time SPC intelligence helps shop-floor operators and engineers get notifications and alerts quickly, helping to reduce waste and defects. If you’d like to see how Enact works in your environment, contact us to get started risk-free.  


The addition of InfinityQS SPC to our existing system infrastructure gives us a significantly more responsive and effective production environment.”—Didier Chavet, SanDisk

Learn More About Enact Dashboards 

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