What’s New in Enact® in Q1 2018

InfinityQS is pleased to announce the Q1 2018 Updates to Enact®, the cloud-based Quality Intelligence platform powered by real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC).

This Enact update includes the following features:

  • Client-Specific Custom Translations

    Language labels enable global manufacturers to translate all custom-named items in Enact. Names of parts, processes, features, and many other fields, including data structure pages and filtering/sorting features, can be displayed to users in their own language. Now manufacturers can develop a common product nomenclature world-wide while still allowing local workers to view Enact in their native language—improving adoption of a single, global quality solution. Clients can translate their custom-named items at their own pace, and all translations are done within the application to simplify the process.

    Benefit: Clients can now create custom translations in English (US), English (UK), Spanish (Mexico), German, and Vietnamese. Support for other standard languages will be introduced in future Enact releases.

  • Data Collection Workflow Improvements

    Operators can now choose the process they are operating prior to selecting the part being run on that process. An operator selecting a particular process will no longer need to select a part if a production assignment exists for that process. Additionally, if an operator only has access to one process for a given data collection, the part selection screen can be bypassed entirely by using production assignments. In addition, this update introduces the ability to assign a process to a particular lot, which makes the operators' data entry workflow even simpler and more reliable.

    Benefit: Strengthens the production assignments functionality added in the 2017 Q4 update.

  • Licensing Process Simplified

    Administrators no longer need to contact their InfinityQS account manager to purchase new licenses or modify an existing license purchase. We call it “self-serve purchasing.” License counts can be directly modified from the Enact Licenses landing page by any administrator with the appropriate permissions. Billing changes take effect immediately: changes to a client's license count will be instantly reflected in the client's billing statement.

    Benefit: Makes Enact purchasing more flexible and intuitive for clients who are beginning a new operation and need a trial period before choosing the best license count for their needs. It also makes expansion of an existing system even simpler and clearer.

  • "My Processes" Window Improved

    The “My Processes” option has been moved to the general user menu and is no longer specific to the work dashboard.

    Benefit: Any user can open the My Processes window and change the processes they are viewing on dashboard tiles that support “My Processes,” improving usability.
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