What's New in Enact (R31) in March 2023

InfinityQS is happy to announce the latest update to Enact®—our cloud-based, real-time quality management platform. This update includes the ability to continuously copy data from one Enact tenant to another, the option to collapse subprocesses on the Process Information tile, a change to role permissions, and the addition of a language in Enact.

Custom Date Code Tool

This new module enables users to configure their own date code formats in Enact. The module is designed to let users pull in different inputs from the system and use them with predefined functions to create a date code template.

Customers gain the flexibility to format date codes to meet business requirements, in an easy-to-use interface.

Event Details on Event Pareto Download

When an event Pareto chart is downloaded, the file will contain an additional tab that includes the event details.

Customers gain the ability to investigate the details of a Pareto chart without leaving the downloaded file.

Work Dashboard Linking

You can now link to another dashboard within the Work Dashboard, making it available for users from the Work Dashboard. In that custom link, you can choose to include any additional information that will be beneficial to the operators.

Provides users with the ability to access additional information from their primary workspace, creating a more simplified and efficient user experience.

Email Notification with Event timestamp

The email notification for an event has been changed to use the timestamp of the event itself, rather than the timestamp of the subgroup value.

Users who receive notifications will now have a clearer understanding of when an event occurred.

Create Events Manually

Users, with appropriate permissions, are now able to add an event manually to a subgroup. This allows the users to track non-system-generated events related to a process, manufacturing line, or data collection.
Users can now track external events related to an Enact subgroup and flag them to trigger further action.

Gauge Agent Improvements

Enact now lists all active gauge agents with the timestamp of the last Data collection. Additionally, users now have the option to delete unwanted gauge agents. 


Users are now able to better manage their gauge lists, providing a cleaner experience.

Column size as a user preference

On any page with grid display where user preferences get saved, the system has been enhanced to save the width of any column that is changed by the user. When the user returns to the same page, it will maintain the previously-saved column widths. 

Default Column size 

Expanded Columns 
Users will no longer need to resize columns when they log in, allowing them to perform their tasks more efficiently.

Manual Process State Restriction

Allows the system to be configured to limit which states are allowed to follow other states. For example, a Stop can be configured to only allow switching to Start, preventing a switch from Stop to Run.

This provides system administrators greater control over Process states, allowing them to align Enact with their own procedures.

Limit Aggregate Dashboard Filter List 

System administrators now have the are able to limit the available options for filtering in the Aggregate dashboard.

By fine-tuning the available options, users gain a streamlined experience, allowing them to work more efficiently.

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