What’s New in Enact in Q4 2018

InfinityQS is pleased to announce the Q4, 2018 update to Enact®, the cloud-based Quality Intelligence platform delivering real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC). This Enact update includes many new features and enhancements aimed at usability and efficiency, helping users do more, faster.

Enhanced Access Menu Navigation

The Enact Access Menu has been re-organized including the addition of some new menu selections.

Benefit: The reorganized Access Menu makes getting things done with Enact faster and easier.

Data Collection and Analysis (formerly Real Time Analytics) are new sub-menu selections listed directly below Dashboard at the top of the Access menu.

These new sub-menu selections provide faster access to the most popular data collection and analysis features. A third new sub-menu, Data Management, includes the Change History and data deletion features.

Enhanced Tag Improves Filtering

The Data Collection Type tag has been enhanced to make it more powerful. Tags are typically used during data analysis to more efficiently select data.

Benefit: The Data Collection Type tag helps users select the exact quality and process data they need when analyzing data—saving time and effort.

Users will be able to create up to ten data collection types. Examples include: First Piece Check, Recheck, and Standard Check. Data Collection Type can then be used in Parameter Sets to exclude data, such as data taken during start-up or some other non-steady state condition. Users will be able to zero in on the exact data they care about.

New Conditions Added to Enact

Two new conditions have been added during this update: Start/End Shift and Start/End Production Assignment.

Benefit: New condition types enable greater timed data collection flexibility and power.
These new conditions enable more precise triggering of data collection activities based on a shift or production assignment.


Enhanced Subgroup Lot Editing

Lot information can now be edited—and added to—any stored subgroup, even if the lot was not originally stored with the subgroup. This enhancement supports companies that use lot numbers in their production runs.

Benefit: Improved subgroup lot editing improves filtering power and helps streamline data analysis activities.


Improving Licensing Administration

We have improved two important licensing tasks in this update:

  • Adding or removing Enact licenses
  • Re-activating users

Benefits: Your Enact licensing and administration costs are minimized.
Adding/Removing Enact Licenses:
With this update, clients will be billed only for assigned licenses. Clients were previously able to add licenses without assigning them to a user. Clients won’t pay for licenses they are not using.
On the License Management landing page, Enact administrators will now see a single number next the license count—not two, as shown previously. This number reflects the number of assigned Enact licenses for which the client is billed.
This change causes only a minor adjustment to the Enact user interface. Specifically, the display of licenses on the Licenses page now shows only the number of licenses that have been assigned to users or workstations, as denoted in the image below. Enact administrators simply need to add (or reduce) licenses as needed.
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Here is how the License Management screen appeared before the Q4 Update.

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Re-activating Users:
User re-activation has been made easier, as admins need only to click Re-activate on the Users landing page.

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The re-activated user is automatically sent an email asking them to reset their Enact password.

New Dashboard Header

When using a raw or aggregate dashboard, the new dashboard header displays additional information about the parameter set and the active filters selected.

Benefit: This makes it much easier to determine the range of quality data being analyzed in a raw or aggregate dashboard.

New Bulk Deletion of Subgroup Data

The Bulk Subgroup Data Deletion landing page enables a user-defined range of subgroup data to be deleted from the Enact database.

Benefit: This makes deleting large amounts of subgroup data easy and quick.

An advanced data filtering capability—which includes time, process, part, user, shift, lot, and the new Data Collection Type tag—makes the subgroup selection process very powerful. Before deleting any subgroup data, the user must confirm the number of subgroups being deleted. This will help prevent unintended data from being deleted.



New Department Assignments

To support future licensing enhancements, the Department level found in the process hierarchy (in the Hierarchy menu) is now required for all Enact deployments. InfinityQS will assist clients in adding this hierarchy level to their Enact database if it is not currently being used.

Benefit: This will enable future enhancements to Enact licensing, improving system flexibility, and usability.


New Enact Services Update

The Enact Automated Data Collection service (ADC) has been enhanced to support the new Department level requirement.

ADC has also been updated to optionally include Process Model Name and Part Family Name, allowing automated data to satisfy timed data collection requirements.

This update also includes a range of bug fixes.

To see previous Enact updates visit our archive page.