What’s New in Enact in Q2 2019

InfinityQS is pleased to announce the newest update to Enact®, the cloud-based Quality Intelligence platform. This update includes improvements to control charts and the process model, as well as functionality enhancements for importing parts and process state information from external sources.

Control Chart Improvements

Control charts in Enact have been improved as part of this update. The chart info panel is now displayed by default, and chart displays have been improved to include gridlines, labeled scale markers, and improved auto-scaling.    

Benefit: Control charts now display more information and are more readable, so users can get more value out of these important data display charts.

Following is additional information regarding changes to the control charts.

The Statistics Information tab and its associated information is now automatically displayed with the control chart, saving the user time.

Finally, gridlines have been added to the y-axis of charts, and y-axis scale markers now include labels.


Process Model Improvements

We have simplified process models by making input part families optional. As a result, if you have a process model that includes no inputs, a part recipe is no longer required. Data collections on the output part family can be taken immediately. This speeds up both configuration and the data collection process, especially for new Enact users.

The default process model has also been simplified, and includes an operation and an output. Inputs can be added, if needed.  

Benefit: Allows faster configuration of Enact.

Following is an example of the new process model with no input part family included. Once it is set up, you can begin collecting data right away—with no part recipe required.  


Additional Enhancements

Import Parts

Enact Services now supports the import of parts from external sources, which can significantly reduce the amount of time required to configure Enact.

Benefit: Decreases configuration time, and helps ensure that part names are consistent across your plant systems.


Import Process State Information

Enact Services now enables users to import process state information from external sources, so the process state can be set based on equipment status and doesn’t rely on a user selection. 

Benefit: Minimizes configuration time, and helps ensure that process state information is consistent across plant systems.

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