What’s New in Enact in Q3 2019

InfinityQS® is pleased to announce the newest update to Enact®, the cloud-based Quality Intelligence platform. This update includes a new, live image capture capability for checklists, events, and event workflows; user interface improvements to control charts, box & whisker charts, dashboards, and calculations; and easier system administration through a new license management report and optional email addresses. In addition, sub process data can now be aggregated in the Stream Analysis tile, and automated data collection has been improved through a new dedicated ADC user account. Finally, Gauge Agent performance and reliability have been improved.

New Live Image Capture

With this update, Enact users will be able to capture live images when collecting checklist data or while responding to events (with or without workflows). Any camera-enabled device can be used, including mobile devices, tablets, laptops with built-in cameras, or workstations with attached webcams (e.g. external via USB).

Benefit: Images provide enhanced context, improving decision-making and troubleshooting.

Now when configuring a checklist, you can—for each check—select to take a photo. Note that Enact supports live image capture only; there is no ability to upload existing image files.

When viewing a checklist, a thumbnail displays when a photo has been captured.


 Users can also capture photos when responding to an event.

The Process Events tile has a new Images column. Simply click a number in the Images column to view stored images.

User Interface Improvements: Box & Whisker Charts, Control Charts, Dashboards, & Calculations

To enhance usability, several user interface improvements have been made to Enact.

Benefit: These improvements will make Enact easier and more efficient to use.

Box & Whisker charts: These charts now display real values instead of standardized values on the Report panel. The Graph panel is still standardized on a scale of –1 (LSL) to +1 (USL).

Control charts: The chart header now includes the feature name, unit, and time frame for the data being displayed. If the data set has been associated to Lot and Shift, those parameters also display in the header. In addition, the Statistics Information panel and its options have been improved including the following.

  • Variable control charts options: 

    • Manufacturing Limits: USL, Target, and LSL option checked and displayed on left panel by default 

    • Deviation: not selected by default

    • Piece: Mean, SD(st), Cp, and Cpk option checked and displayed on left panel by default 

    • Within: not selected by default

    • Total: not selected by default

  • Attribute control charts options are selected by default according to chart type: 

    • Total Defects [u chart], Total Defectives [p chart], Total Pieces [both] 


Dashboards: Improvements to dashboards include the following:

  • Dashboard Criteria is now easily accessed via a button.


  • A warning is now displayed when a record limit is exceeded on a raw dashboard. Clicking this type of warning displays the Enact Help system article on this topic. 


Calculations: Calculation inputs now refer to a saved value based on process, part, and feature. Inputs display in the following format:

  • Feature (Part, Process), with Feature being the feature’s name

  • Part is either a checkmark (✔), to indicate “Same as assigned part,” or the part name, indicating that a specific part has been selected

  • Process is either a checkmark (✔), to indicate “Same as assigned process,” or an asterisk (✱), indicating any process


  • Under the Input(s) field, the Edit and Remove buttons are now part of a submenu (as shown below).



  • ​The onscreen number pad has been rearranged to match conventional keyboards
  • ​The onscreen keyboard now adapts to the user’s language setting.
    • Note: the function names (“abs”, “avg”, etc.) are not translated, but the tooltips explaining those functions are.


  • The onscreen number pad has been rearranged to match conventional keyboards.


Improved System Administration – New License Report and Optional User Email Addresses

License Report

A new license report provides greater visibility into Enact license use, helping system administrators manage Enact licenses more efficiently.

Benefit: Improved Enact license management efficiency.

The new License Report helps track license usage by department and by day, so you always know where and when your Enact licenses are deployed. Filled cells represent the maximum number of licenses used in a specific month.

To access the License Report, go to the Licenses landing page, then click License Report.


Optional User Email Address

In many manufacturing facilities, workers—such as seasonal or factory floor personnel—are not assigned company email accounts. This can make it difficult to add these types of users in Enact, which—for security purposes—has required users to have a valid email address. With this update, user accounts can now be created without a company email address.

Benefit: Expands the number of employees involved in improving quality.
To select this new option, you must uncheck the Require Email for all users checkbox on the Security Policy landing page.

Then click the Opt Out checkbox in the email address section of the User setup landing page.

To support this new option, a new role permission option has been added in the User Management section, as shown below.

Sub Process Aggregation


Enact users can now aggregate Sub Process data in the Stream Analysis tile or view individual sub process data individually. To aggregate sub process data, simply click the upper right menu button and select Aggregate Sub Process Data.

Benefit: Improves data analysis.

Once sub process data aggregation is selected, a red gear icon displays in the parent process listing.

To view sub process data, simply click the triple gear icon.


New ADC User Account

A new dedicated Automated Data Collection (ADC) user account, called ADC Default, makes it easier to add automated data collection to your Enact system—without relying on the System Administrator account.

Benefit: Simplifies automated data collection configuration.

Gauge Agent Enhancements

Numerous changes have been made to Gauge Agent to improve performance, reliability, and consistency. The product has also been updated to support the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 Microsoft security standard.

Benefit: Improved performance, reliability, and security of gauge-related data collection.

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