What’s New in Enact in Q2 2020

InfinityQS announces the latest update to Enact®, our cloud-based Quality Intelligence platform. This update includes bubble charts—a powerful new visual data analysis capability. In addition, we have redesigned key operator displays on mobile devices to improve efficiency, added two new languages, and made other smaller improvements.

New: Bubble Charts

Bubble charts add a new visual data analysis capability to aggregate dashboards in Enact. A bubble chart is a variation of a XY or scatter plot.

Users select statistics from three categories—Sampling Compliance, Yield, and Events—and can choose up to three statistics to be plotted per chart. One statistic is plotted on the X-axis, one is plotted on the Y-axis, and the third is represented by bubble size (the number of measurements).

Benefit: Bubble charts provide new insight into compliance, yield, and event resolution—over different ranges of process hierarchy and time.

A very exciting capability of the new bubble chart is animation. The bubble chart displays moving bubbles that show how data changes over time. Animations are a useful way for managers and other team members to see how different processes, lines, and sites perform (or vary) over a specific timeframe.

In the following example, the bubble on the left looks good in terms of yield (roughly 93%), but it doesn’t look as good in terms of on-time checks (roughly 77%). The small blue bubble in the center needs improvement in both measurement areas. The pink bubble on the right is performing the best in both areas.


Improved Mobile Device Screen Layouts

This update provides more efficient mobile device screen layouts for common operator tasks, such as manual data collection and checklists.

Benefit: Enables operators to be more efficient when using Enact on smaller mobile devices.

New screen designs make manual data collection and checklist data entry more efficient when Enact is used on a device with a smaller screen. The Access menu and message area at the top of the screen have also been improved for use with smaller screens.


New Languages 

Two new languages have been added to this update: Dutch (Netherlands) and Norwegian (Norway).

Benefit: Enables global manufacturers to support native speakers in more markets.

Following are images of an Enact dashboard in Dutch and Norwegian.


License Report

To help users analyze license usage, the Enact License Report has been expanded to let users group license data by day, week, month, or quarter.

Benefit: Makes license analysis easier, helping you maximize the value Enact.

The following image shows the new filtering option. 


Additional Enact Improvements


  • When displaying attribute defect code counts on the Subgroup data Pareto chart tile, every piece with the related feature is now counted. Previously, only pieces that had defect codes appeared were counted.
  • The histogram has been improved to better show data fit.
  • Compliance tile terms have been renamed to improve user comprehension. The term Received has been renamed Completed, and the term Success has been renamed On-time.
  • Enact now sends event emails to multiple users in a single batch—improving efficiency and reliability.


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