What’s New in Enact in Q1 2021

InfinityQS is pleased to announce the latest update to Enact®, our cloud-based Quality Intelligence platform. This update includes the new KPI Publishing functionality, as well as enhancements to production assignments, workflows, and image management. License reports can now be downloaded, along with other minor improvements. These expanded features expand the usability of Enact, and help the platform integrate into key plant and enterprise systems more easily.

New KPI Publishing

Enact now supports the publishing of aggregated Enact data to other plant software systems. Using the popular JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format, Enact enables a wide range of data to be shared with other software applications, including basic information such as: part, process, feature, subgroup count, piece count, defect count, defectives count, mean, standard deviation, and more—along with process capability indices, net content statistics, and event statistics. 

Benefit: Allows quality KPI data from Enact to be shared with other plant systems, such as reporting systems. KPI Publishing increases the value of Enact data. 

Below is an example of a JSON file generated by KPI Publishing.

Enhanced Production Assignment: Pinning

Operators can now easily select within Enact which part is being currently produced. This enables Enact to only show data collections related to that part—simplifying this task for operators.  

Users can now “pin" a single production assignment for a specific part from the list of current assignments, enabling Enact to treat the pinned production assignment as the sole production assignment for that process. While a pin is active, both automated and manual data collections will ignore all other assignments. This bypasses the part/lot selection window for manual data collection, and also enables Automated Data Collection (ADC) to upload data without a specified part/lot. Operators can pin and unpin assignments at any time using the Process Information Tile

Benefit: This feature simplifies data collection for operators and expands the uses of ADC. 

Workflow Assignment by Feature 

Users can now assign event workflows to features as well as processes enabling greater control on how workflows are triggered. 

Benefit: Expands the usefulness of the Workflow feature by allowing more precise ways to trigger workflows.

The following screenshot shows the new feature criteria in the Workflow Assignment window, Additional Criteria section.

Image Removal: Event Reviews & Checklists

User-uploaded camera photos that were added to event review timelines and on checklists can now be deleted from the database, with appropriate permissions.

Benefit: Enables users to more completely manage photos uploaded to Enact. 

The following screenshot shows the new Remove Image option in the Event Details window. 

Downloadable License Report 

The Enact License Report can now be downloaded to an Excel workbook for offline review.

Benefit: This new capability makes it much easier to manage the use of Enact, as well as to track and understand Enact billing across sites.

Additional Enact Improvements

  • Enact’s remote workstation authentication now sends emails only to users assigned to the workstation, thus preventing authentication emails from being sent to users at other sites


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