What’s New in Enact in Q2 2021

InfinityQS is happy to announce the latest update to Enact®—our cloud-based, real-time quality management platform. This update includes the new Compliance Summary Tile, as well as a new Master Data Download feature. Hindi has been added as a language, in addition to performance and reliability improvements to selected charts and quality metrics. 

New Compliance Summary Tile 

To help users manage data collection compliance across all sites, higher-level management tools were needed in Enact. The new Compliance Summary meets this need by providing managers with a simple table view of data compliance by site, which can be clicked on to expose more detail. Compliance is based on the percentage of processes that meet or exceed a specific user-defined data collection compliance threshold (either On-Time or Completed). 

This new aggregated dashboard tile provides higher-level views of data collection compliance than the existing raw dashboard Compliance tile—and helps managers better understand how sites are performing on a monthly, weekly, or shift basis within a region, division, or across the entire company. This new tile also uses smaller aggregated data sets, which speeds performance.

Benefit: Helps managers drive higher compliance, improved accountability, and better prioritization of corrective actions. 

The new Compliance Summary and Details tiles are shown below.

Master Data Download: User & Workstation License Data

One of Enact’s greatest strengths is its centralized, enterprise-wide data repository. The new Master Data Download feature enables centralized user and workstation license usage data to be downloaded into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file for additional analysis and reporting

User and workstation license usage data downloads provide Enact system administrators with details regarding how Enact licenses are allocated across sites. This is particularly important in large, multi-site or multi-division Enact deployments, and includes information regarding which users and workstations do and don’t have Enact licenses assigned to them.

Benefit: Helps managers better understand how Enact is deployed across their organization, enabling them to gain the most value from Enact. 

The following screenshot shows Enact user and workstation data in an Excel spreadsheet.

New Language: Hindi

Users can now select Hindi as a user preference, which includes support for Hindi Language Labels in Enact. Language Labels are text fields unique to the company using Enact, such as parts, processes, and feature names—but also process states, checklist names, and more.  Language Labels facilitate a full translation of Enact so users across the globe can use Enact more effectively.

Benefit: Supports Hindi speakers in India.

The following screenshot shows the Hindi supported in Enact. 

Performance Improvements 

In this update, a number of performance- and reliability-related improvements have been made to Enact. These include:

  • Optimization of the Process Event Pareto and Compliance tiles within raw dashboards
  • Improved dynamic updating of the Stream Summary tile
  • Faster loading of the Histogram and Control Chart windows

Benefit: These updates improve the user experience and ensure better overall results.

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