What’s New in Enact in Q3 2021

InfinityQS is happy to announce the latest update to Enact®—our cloud-based, real-time quality management platform. This update includes new lot functionality, a variety of product usability features, and enhanced automated data collection. 

Lot-related Feature Additions

Data Aggregation by Lot

Enact now can aggregate data by Lot. This supports three primary uses: reporting, data publishing to third-party applications, and genealogy (lot genealogy will be supported in a future release).

Benefit: Enables manufacturers to track quality and process performance by lots—not just time—to better align with internal metrics.  

New lot aggregation functionality is accessed via the Lot Report and Lot Publishing features. 

New Lot Report 

The Lot Report is a new aggregated dashboard tile that reports on individual lot quality by feature, and includes a broad set of lot statistics. 

Lot Report uses include:

  • Documenting quality before accepting or rejecting a lot, either internally or by customers
  • Providing a source for lot quality data to be selected and exported to Excel 
  • Basic certificate of analysis (COA)

The tile presents one lot at a time and contains the feature data collected for the lot; users simply select a part and a specific lot. Features can be filtered either by the Parameter Set chosen or the dashboard filter. Only lots with aggregated data display information.

Benefit: Helps manufacturers document lot quality for both internal and external customers.  

The following screenshot shows the new Lot Report tile.


Lot Status Enhanced 

To support new and planned Lot functionality, the Status field has been changed to Lot Status and Lot Testing fields. The Create Lot landing page and the Lot Status column found in the Lots landing page have been changed to accommodate this enhancement. 

More detail on the changes: 

  • The Status field has been split into two separate fields: Lot Status and Lot Testing
    • Lot Status: Open (default), On Hold, Closed
    • Lot Testing: N/A (default), Released, Completed
  • The Lots landing page has been simplified
    • Process, Count, and Quantity fields are no longer included on the Lots page
  • For existing client data, the statuses Closed – Accepted and Closed – Rejected have been combined into a single status: Closed

Benefit: Supports the continued expansion of lot functionality in Enact.

Following is a screenshot of the new Lots landing page.


Lot Data Publishing  

In this update aggregated lot data can be “published” to other third-party applications using the new Lot Data Publishing capability. This expands on our existing KPI Publishing feature. A new Lot aggregated records option is now available on the Publishing landing page. Part tags are selected on this page, enabling users to create specific lot data exports to other applications.

Benefit: Improves data integration between Enact and other plant systems, increasing the value of your manufacturing quality data.

Following is a screenshot of the new Publishing landing page containing the lot data publishing option. 


Improved Usability Features:

Streamlined Enact Login Process  

The Enact login process has been streamlined. Users will be presented a new Company ID screen. After entering this information once, Enact remembers the company name—and only presents the recent users login screen (see second screenshot below) going forward. The user selects the correct username from the list and enters a password. This eliminates the need to enter the Company ID every time—accelerating user login. If there are no recent users, they will be presented the username, password screen. 

Note: if you clear your computer cookies or log into Enact from a new computer, the Company ID screen displays during the first login. 

Benefit: Saves users time when logging into Enact.

Following are screenshots of the new login screens.  


Enhanced Event Details Landing Page  

The Event Details landing page now provides users more context in relation to Manufacturing Limit or Defective violation events; the Code field is now included on the Event Details landing page. This change helps users more rapidly understand what type of event has occurred—particularly in the case of Defective events.

Benefit: Helps accelerate troubleshooting of quality and process issues, in particular attribute-related issues.

Below is a screenshot of the updated Event Details screen. 


User Settings Lockout  

To improve security, users can no longer change the following fields in their user profile:

  • First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Username
  • Department, Profile Image, and Custom Tags

These fields will be grayed out. Once this update is complete, users will only be able to modify their Password, Preferred Language, and Email Notification options.

Benefit: Helps maintain the accuracy of user information in Enact. 

Calculation Enhancements: Inputs & Input Screen  

The Add Input landing page for calculations has been enhanced to improve clarity and usability. There are now three sections: Feature, Process, and Part.

  • Feature is required
  • Process options are: "Is initiator process" or "Is any process"
    • New option: "Use parent process for subprocesses"
      • Enables data from a parent process to be used in calculations at the subprocess level
  • Part can be "Is initiator part" or "Is selected part"
    • For Is selected part, a selected part is required

 Benefit: Simplifies the configuration of calculations.

Following is a screenshot of the new Publishing landing page containing the Lot Data Publishing option.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

With this update, users can log into Enact using login credentials controlled by a third-party system, such as Microsoft Azure AD or Okta, eliminating the need to learn a specific Enact username and password.

To activate the Single Sign-On option, customers need to contact InfinityQS.

Enact supports the Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0). Two SAML 2.0 compliant identity providers, Microsoft Azure AD and Okta, have been verified to work with Enact, but any SAML 2.0 compliant identity provider should work, though verification will be required. 

Benefit: Improves access security by controlling user credentials in a centralized system that the client controls.

Data Collection Improvements

Automated Data Collection: Increased Maximum Features  

Enact now supports the addition of 200 features in an Automated Data Collection (ADC) subgroup. The prior limit was 20 features.

Benefit: Enables a broader range of data collections using ADC.

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