What's New in Enact in April 2022

InfinityQS is happy to announce the latest update to Enact®—our cloud-based, real-time quality management platform. This update includes new lot-related functionality, a variety of product usability features, and enhanced integration with third-party systems. 

Lot Functionality

Lot Assignments

Lots can now be assigned to a specific site using the new Create Lot window. This means that site specific lots will not be available or visible to other sites. This applies only to manual data collection and production assignments. Visibility in other areas, such as in Filtering and the Lot Genealogy Report, will be added in the future.

Benefit: Lots assigned to specific manufacturing sites help reduce operator confusion and errors.  

Use case: Lot site assignments are ideal when the same part is run at multiple sites—at roughly the same time of day. It is helpful for operators to see only the lots available for their site, and not be confused with similar lots at other sites. 

Following is the new Create Lot landing page, where you can assign the lot to all sites or to a single site.


Lot Disposition (Accepted/Rejected)

Lots can now be marked, by an approved user, as either Accepted or Rejected using the new Lot Disposition field. A lot must be completed before Lot Disposition options become available for selection. This new data field can be included in lot data exports using lot-based publishing.  

Benefit: Provides more complete lot information to the user.

When a lot is set to Accepted/Rejected, then an additional lot record will be published which includes all the lot information, plus the new disposition.


Lot information Added to Event Details & Notification Emails

Events shown on the Event Details landing page now include the lot number, if available. This provides more contextual information for users investigating process events.

The Lot number and the Part name are now included in event notification emails.

Benefit: Including lot information on the Event Details landing page and in event notification emails helps users respond more effectively to real-time events through more complete information.



Direct Access to Control Charts & Histograms

Enact now provides direct access to control charts and histograms from aggregated dashboards. This makes it easier—and faster—to access these important data charts, thereby improving usability.

Benefit: Direct access to control charts and histograms improve the efficiency of Enact users.

Following are two screenshots that show direct access to control charts and histograms from aggregated dashboard tiles, such as the Stream Information and Stream Details tiles.


Pause Timed Data Collection

In this Enact update, data collection timers (including checklist timers) can be paused using the new Pause process state. When a data collection timer is paused, it stops counting down and displays onscreen as Paused. Clicking the timer delivers a warning message that displays until the process state is changed back. 

Benefit: Prevents paused timed data collections from appearing late if a process has been paused. This helps ensure that data collection compliance data is accurate.

Following is a look at the Process State selection showing the new Pause option.


Feature Code Images

Images can now be added to Enact to aid in the selection of defect, defective, or variable codes—by clicking on an image in a selection grid. 

Benefit: This new feature helps new users to understand more quickly what a defect looks like. It also helps accelerate data collection and makes users more efficient. Images also improve data collection accuracy.

Following is an example of Feature Code images.


Grading Improvements

Users can now adjust the grading thresholds to meet specific user needs. This improvement should help make Grading more useful to manufacturers. 

Benefit: Makes Grading more useful to manufacturers.

Following is an example of the configuration screen for Grading.

Mobile Device User Interface Enhancement

Improvements have been made to the Enact user interface to make the platform easier to use on mobile devices. Current improvements have focused on the data collection and data analysis landing pages. These enhancements are part of an ongoing effort to improve the Enact mobile experience.

Benefit: Makes using Enact on a mobile device more effective.

Following are some examples of the changes made to the mobile device interface.



Event Publishing

Events generated in Enact can now be published to external systems. The Publishing landing page now includes selection of events by process tag or violation category.

Benefit: Allows important event data to be published to third-party systems, increasing the value of this information.

Following is an example of the new Event tab on the Publishing landing page.



To see previous Enact updates visit our archive page.

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