What's New in Enact in June 2022

InfinityQS is happy to announce the latest update to Enact®—our cloud-based, real-time quality management platform. This update includes a new quick setup feature for data collections, optional image capture during data collections, support of ADC data in calculations, enhanced information available in event emails, and in-application messages and alerts.

Quick Setup for Data Collections

To support new, Enact users, a quick setup capability has been added to Enact. Now, new Enact users can opt to use a wizard-like feature that guides them through the critical process of setting up data collections. 

Benefit: Allows Enact to better interact with data from outside sources.

Following is a screenshot of the new Quick Setup landing page and another screenshot of the Basic Information page.


Image Capture for Data Collection

A new data collection option allows shop-floor operators to use their device camera to capture photos during manual data collection. By enabling this option, manufacturers can ensure compliance and quality by keeping a continuous visual trail of the state of the product. Product attributes like date codes, labels, packaging, and other visual characteristics can be verified visually as historical data is reviewed. This adds an extra layer of quality assurance in the event of an audit or investigation.

Benefit: Improves compliance to data collection standards. 

Below are two screenshots illustrating this exciting new functionality. Image capture will help operators be sure they are capturing the right data, including helpful contextual information. 

  • Coming in the next update - Images will be accessible after saving via:
    • Finished Items tile
    • Collected data Pareto

ADC Data Support in Calculations 

Enact users who use automated data collection (ADC) can now include this type of data in calculations alongside manual data. Calculations in Enact allow users to generate data from a variety of data inputs such as area, volume and many more. 

Benefit: Allows more types of data to be captured by Enact, improving your quality program. 

Enhanced Event Emails  

Enact event emails can now include Value, Limit Value, and the specific date and time of the event (with the time zone listed). This additional information is particularly important if you want to trigger an external software system based on the contents of the Enact alert notification email.

Benefit: Enact event emails now support better integration with third party plant software systems 



In-Application Messages and System Alerts

Enact now provides in-application messages to directly push important information to Enact users. These messages include alerts on new version updates, maintenance alerts and more. InfinityQS will using these messages to reduce the number of emails we send to Enact users. 

Benefit: Faster, more efficient communication from InfinityQS to Enact users.

Below is an example of Enact in-application messages.


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