What's New in Enact in August 2022

InfinityQS is proud to announce the latest update to Enact®—our cloud-based, real-time quality management platform. This update includes a new real-time run chart dashboard, a new string verification feature and several usability improvements.

Real-time Run Chart Dashboard

A new type of dashboard type, Run Chart, has been included in this update. The run chart is a common data chart used in manufacturing operations. One or more run charts can be viewed in a grid type format. Only processes assigned to the user can viewed in the run chart dashboard. Run charts provide a “big picture” view of how processes are performing and, in particular, the processes the viewer is assigned. Data is plotted relative to specification limits, allowing different types of data to be displayed together.

Benefit: Provides a convenient way to view the quality performance of assigned manufacturing process, helping Enact users to be more informed and effective.

The Run Chart dashboard is selected from the Dashboard selection icon.

Once the Run Chart dashboard is selected, the run chart is displayed.

String Verification – Events & Reporting

Enact can now generate events and out of specification (OOS) counts based on a verification mismatch, commonly called “String Compare” in ProFicient. This new feature is particularly important to verify packaging labels, including UPCs (bar codes), artwork, and best-by dates. 

This feature will need to be configured by InfinityQS in this initial feature release. 

Benefit: Reduces packaging errors and mis-labeled product, saving time, money, and reputation for manufacturers.
Below are screenshots illustrating this exciting new functionality. 

Daylight Savings Data Collection Options 

Many manufacturers require data collections at regular intervals, such as every two hours, starting at a specific time. To make this process easier, a new daylight savings option has been added to allow interval type data collections to start at the same time every day, even when daylight savings starts or ends. A new “Reset when daylight savings begins and ends” option has been added to the data collection requirements landing page. 

When this selection is made, and an interval is selected, the data collection cycle for the day will begin at the selected time and will require a data collection every interval from that start time. For example, if the cycle starts at 11 am and the interval is every two (2) hours the first data collection will be due at 11 am and then at 11am + 2 hrs or 1pm, then 1pm + 2 hrs or 3pm, etc. 

Benefit: Improves the flexibility of timed data collections, reducing the burden on operators to know the time of the year.  


Usability Improvements

Easier Management of Part Revisions & Subprocesses

A powerful feature of Enact is Calculations. This feature is used to generate quality data resulting from a calculation that uses collected data as inputs. For example, a net weight can be calculated by subtracting a tare weight from a measured gross weight. 

However, if you periodically revise parts or add subprocesses to a process you had to manually add the new part or subprocesses to the calculation initiator list in Enact. Now, new part revisions or subprocesses will be automatically added to the calculation initiator list and following other lists.

  • Parameter Sets
  • Notifications
  • Workflows
  • Bulk Subgroup Deletions

Benefit: Reduces the burden on system administrators and helps ensure accurate data collections.  

Below are screenshots of the part revision calculation initiators.


And here is the Selected Parts are enlarged.

Below are screenshots of the subprocess calculation initiators.

And here is the subprocesses section enlarged.


Image Capture During Data Collection – Image Accessibility 

This feature was delivered in the June update. In this update we are improving the feature by allowing images captured during data collection to be displayed via:

  • Finished Items tile
  • Collected Data Pareto tile

Benefit: Improves the value of captured images during data collections.  

Below are screen shots showing the collected image as a thumbnail within the data table, accessible from either the Finished Items tile or the Collected Data Pareto tile, and as a closeup displayed once the user clicks on the image thumbnail.


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